Statement Wedding Reception Looks from Vinka Design

Vinka Design introduces Feminine Fusion, a collection featuring a selection of party gowns for the modern bride wanting to dance the night away.

For more than 60 years, Vinka Design‘s been creating bespoke wedding gowns for brides, but it’s not just the main wedding gown they’re being asked to create. The Atelier’s creative director and designer Anita Turner, says demand for reception dresses has become increasingly more popular over the last year.

Vinka Design‘s latest collection, Feminine Fusion, is all about celebrating the freedom and fluidity of the modern bride, providing a vast array of styles and silhouettes that complement each individual’s personal aesthetic.

Anita says most brides who decide on two dresses, tend to have the “bespoke luxurious gown” for the ceremony and something a little less restrictive as their reception dress, which she says her workroom team, affectionately call the “party dress”.

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Above: Asha

For some brides, two dresses are a style statement and part of the story of their day and for others, it’s all about fun and functionality as they dance late into the night.

“The more intricate ceremony dresses can sometimes be restrictive, so the party dress is often developed with the bride, for comfort and of course dancing. Some brides want to tell a continuing story from their reception, some want to change the chapter with a whole new look,” says Anita.

Above: Portia

A new look can also be cleverly designed with one dress. “Some of our brides opt for a floor length base gown without a train, featuring a detachable overtrain to proffer them two looks. The overtrain is then taken away soon after the reception to enjoy the party,” says Anita.

Above: Aslin

The versatile designs have had multiple brides having detachable sleeves, for a different look and so they can reach for the stars on the dance floor. There are etiquette rules forming for when to put on the second dress. Anita says the most appropriate time to make the change and surprise guests is after the formalities and speeches are done.

Above: Gina

As well as the second wedding dress, Anita and her team are being asked to create engagement party dresses and pre and after-wedding ensembles. Requests’ brides have made as part of trusting the Atelier with the “whole look and feel” of their total look for their celebrations.

“It’s a huge compliment to myself and my team, we live and breathe beauty, bespoke and bridal and nothing is ever too much for a Vinka Design bride,” says Anita.

Above: Angelina

For all your bridal looks, no matter the number, book a consultation or explore more online at Vinka Design.