Blooms of the week – Hydrangea

Its that time of the year when hydrangea’s are in full bloom. In New Zealand its so common to see these beautiful blooms lining country roads and driveways as well as coastal beach areas.

Blooms of the week – Zoe Field

“Springs arrived and after a long cold winter there is nothing that warms the soul more than bright, cheerful spring blooms. Daffodils, Earlicheer, Iceland Poppies, Wild plum blossoms and garden picked Hellebores, signal the beginning of longer, warmer days ahead.”

Blooms of the week – The Botanist

My 1.5 meter long bouquet took my breath away, I always wanted to be able to create my own wedding bouquet but as I was stuck up a Scissor lift it kinda became impossible, so my right hand wing woman Yvonne reconstructed my floral vision and put her amazing skills to work.