ANISS + STEVEN by Zoe Morley Photography

Steve: It all started when Aniss found herself lost while on holiday in Sydney and asked me for directions.

I drew a map to guide her to her destination and said, ‘Follow this path, have your adventure, and when you’re done, follow this line back to here, and we can continue the conversation’. Thankfully, three hours later, she returned, and the conversation has kept going for more than 10 years now.

The proposal was written on a three-metre ribbon wrapped around the ring I had designed. The plan was that, once the ribbon was unravelled, the ring would be revealed and I would have poured my heart out, ending in Will you marry me? But I decided it was corny to ask such a clichéd question and the ring was an obvious conclusion all by itself, so I cut the final bit of the ribbon off. Aniss found that piece a week after. (She finds everything.).

For our wedding, the theme was “dress fabulously — all shades of white” and everyone rose to the challenge. It was held in a large industrial photography studio in Rosebery.

For dramatic effect, we asked people to wait out the front, where they were offered champagne. When everyone had arrived, the giant roller door was lifted and was standing there to welcome everyone in.

There was a peaceful hour where we disappeared to take photos. It was a chance to enjoy each other looking our best. We were tired but satisfied, and the satisfaction put a huge smile on our faces.

For the reception, we arranged a giant light that we would hang above the party, signifying ‘tying the knot’. It would be lifted and tied in place to transform the space and kick off our first dance. But at the moment of lifting, the power cord was dislodged, so we had a 1.5-metre metal cube, everyone watching, and no light.

Three guests brought a ladder, climbed up about eight metres, and using two brooms as a giant set of tongs, reconnected the power cable so we were able to light the space and do our dance. The entire space was transformed into a Persian geometrically patterned chamber.

The music changed from funk to a traditional cultural piece close to Aniss’s heritage. Because we live in Rosebery, all the places we took photos are meaningful to us, and we walk past them every day.

One poetic moment was when, in line with Persian tradition, the bride and groom taste honey and yoghurt, representing the sweetness and sourness of life. We asked our friends to help, not heavyhandedly, but for the ones who did, it was a real friendship-building exercise. Stepping outside of tradition can be really invigorating, but the ones you choose to include become all the more meaningful. 

Photography: Zoe Morley | Bride’s dress: Toni Maticevski | Groom’s suits: Paul Smith | Groom’s shoes: Florsheim | Bride’s shoes: Asos | Headpieces: Studio Aniss | Fragrance: Atelier Cologne | Flora & styling: Studio Aniss | Hire: Simply Seated | Planner: Bride’s sister, Sepi | Beverages: Summer Hill Wine Shop | Best Dog: Papillon | Groom’s Cuffs: Studio Aniss | Earrings: Peter Lang | Makeup & Hair: Linda Thi | Spirits & Bonbonniere: Mobius Distilling Co. | Venue: The Studio | Entertainment: The Usual Suspects | Cake: Vintage Sugar Co. Desserts | Bride’s dress #2: Sass & Bide | Catering: Efendy Turkish Restaurant