Katie and Karl by Rachel V Photography

bride and groom, wedding in new zealand

I am a residential interior designer from Melbourne and Karl is a real estate debt finance director. We now have two very young children and our time is completely dedicated to them. In a past life we loved to travel and get out and about in Melbourne.

Sascha + Sam by It’s Beautiful Here

My dress was custom-made for me by Luci di Bella. It was such an incredibly special process having it made, with each little detail in the tailoring designed to enhance and perfectly fit my body. Every time I went in for a fitting it was even better on than in my imagination and then wearing … Read more

Gemma + Druw by Hill Collective

The vibe of the wedding was: Modern, Romantic, Glam with shades of cream, blush pinks, sage greens and champagne. The inside of the venue was very glam with crystal chandeliers, gold and gorgeous waterfront views.

Eliza + Will by Allume Weddings

When you’ve been together from such a young age, it becomes difficult to pinpoint a single moment. It has always felt right and natural. We have grown up side by side, and Will is not only my partner but also my best friend. He knows me inside out, and we have an incredible bond. My … Read more

Alysha + Mitchell by Pia Photography

From the day we started dating, we became best friends.  Like a hand in a glove, our personalities mesh well together. Or as our friends would say – he is the calm to my chaos.

Caylee + Simon by Hollow & Co

We had a very small and untraditional wedding. To be honest we didn’t know what we wanted so we started by each choosing 2 none negotiables and went from there.

Emily + Karl by Left for Paris

In the beginning, our relationship was a case of right person, wrong time. At 21 and 22 respectively, we both had a lot of growing up to do and ended up parting ways.