Gabrielle + Greg by George Bowden

We are both creative directors and owners of creative agencies. We are both South Africans. We love travelling, eating out, and spending time on our houseboat in Noosa.


TEMPÊTE is a bridal brand that offers a fresh alternative to traditional wedding attire.

Temple of the Sun

When experts speak about wine, they often use the word terroir – a French term which means the wine is very much a product of the place it comes from. The same could be said for Yonna Derofe’s jewellery.

ASTERIA – Temple of the Sun

Asteria is a figure in Greek mythology associated with the stars and the night sky. She was a Titaness, the daughter of the Titans Coeus and Phoebe, and the sister of Leto. And the inspiration for this alluring collection by Temple of the Sun.

Fashion File Maticevski

Toni Maticevski has meticulously crafted a brand and a vision that encapsulates feminine desires and artful silhouettes, effortlessly defying trends.