ASTERIA – Temple of the Sun

Asteria is a figure in Greek mythology associated with the stars and the night sky. She was a Titaness, the daughter of the Titans Coeus and Phoebe, and the sister of Leto. And the inspiration for this alluring collection by Temple of the Sun.

Temple of the Sun is a Handmade Australian jewellery brand that weaves notions of ancient symbology and contemporary design to craft styles that are timeless and unique. Asteria is a full collection of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. All hand made, in-house in the brand’s Byron Bay-based studio. Below we have selected some of our favourite pieces from the collection, but more can be seen on the Temple of the Sun website or Instagram feed.

In celebration of the collection and life’s special moments, Temple of the Sun is giving away an Asteria half-eternity ring with sapphires in 14 K gold (pictured above). The competition runs from July 3rd to July 18th, 2023, and the lucky winner will be announced on their Instagram stories at 7 PM AEST, Tuesday, 18/07/23.


Embrace the ethereal allure of the Kasia Coin Necklace (above). Suspended on a fine curb chain, this textured coin pendant is adorned with a radiant constellation of diamonds. The perfect gift for your maids or a timeless piece to celebrate any occasion.

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The Asteria Bracelet above in lab diamond and emerald blends ancient symbolism with modern design, showcasing prong-set diamonds and emeralds connected by our signature Temple of the Sun rivet.

Greek key and paperclip links synergise beautifully with the romantic qualities of this diamond bracelet, adding contrast to the piece as it encircles the wrist.

The Venus Bracelet in Garnet and Solid Gold (above) is a tapestry of passion and love. Showcasing 15 heart-shaped garnets connected by our signature Temple of the Sun rivet.

Honouring the goddess of love, this gemstone bracelet evokes endless affection and ignites souls with an extraordinary fire.

The Theia Princess Bracelet (above) showcases 23 princess-cut Australian sapphires set within textural frames interconnected by our signature Temple of the Sun rivet.

Azure pools of blue sapphire honour Theia, the goddess of shining light, representing the transformative power found in the celestial realm.

Within the Asteria collection, there is a bracelet to suit all. See above the collection of Asteria bracelets sitting together in harmony.

The Asteria Ring (pictured in the first two image squares above) is a diamond cluster ring inspired by ancient signet rings. It’s also our pick for a modern statement engagement ring. Traditionally used to formalise agreements and signify belonging, signet rings are a powerful symbol of commitment. The perfect piece and endearing symbol to cement and celebrate love?

The Asteria ring is also available in sapphire (pictured above but after the diamond Asteria ring) for those who like a coloured stone or an engagement ring that is non-traditional.

The Asteria diamond earrings make a bold statement, featuring a fusion of textured coin elements connected by our signature Temple of the Sun rivet. Perfect for a statement bridal earring that will be worn and treasured for years after a wedding day.

Or, if a more subtle earring option is in order, we suggest the Kasia Stud Earrings (also above), which showcase a textured design inspired by ancient coins. These diamond studs evoke the brilliance of the vast cosmos, a reflection of the luminous spirit and infinite potential that resides within us.

To purchase or find out more, visit the Temple of the Sun website or Instagram feed.

Temple of the Sun