Taylor + Luke by Roam & Roark Photo

Pretty quickly, we both realized how much we cared for each other and how well our visions for the future lined up.

Tell us a little about yourselves, what you do, what you love…

Luke and I have always lived in the Midwest. I work in the hair industry, and Luke sells commercial real estate. With us both working typical 9-5s, we appreciate our slow weekends together. We are both foodies and love all things mid-century, so most weekends are spent getting brunch and roaming around antique shops together. 

How/where/when did you meet- and what were your first impressions? 

We met in our mid-20s at a Halloween party. My roommate and I always had an annual halloween party where the guest list would grow as the night went on. The year that Luke and I met, a friend of a friend texted him about my party, and that’s where he ended up. We were just briefly introduced and went our separate ways at the party. We didn’t rekindle again until a year later when Luke and I both ended up on the same dating app. We immediately remembered each other from my Halloween party and knew we had to reach out. We were both super interested in each other and were so excited to have stumbled upon each other again.

When did you first realize that this was someone you’d like to spend the rest of your life with? 

Pretty quickly, we both realized how much we cared for each other and how well our visions for the future lined up. The more time we spent together, the more we realized it was something we wanted to last.

Was there a proposal? Tell us a little bit about it? 

Luke and I were on vacation in Monterey, California. This is a place Luke would vacation with his family when he was younger, so it was so special to me that I got to visit it with him for the first time. We went to dinner at a restaurant that was built into a cliff overlooking the ocean. To this day, it is still the best view either of us has ever had at dinner. Luckily, Luke knew how embarrassed I would have been had he dropped down on one knee in front of other people, so he opted for a much more discreet proposal and quietly asked me to marry him before dinner was served. We finished the meal as an engaged couple. 

What was one element you were happy to splurge on? 

We knew the wedding day would fly by and there would be so many elements we would want to remember, so we agreed that we would prioritize our photographer. We wanted our wedding to feel intimate, dreamy, and romantic, but most importantly, we wanted it to feel like us. And we knew with the right photographer, they would be able to capture the entire feel of our wedding.

Did anything happen on your wedding day that you laugh about in hindsight (even if it was stressful at the time)? 

While we were setting up for the reception, it started to rain. It was an outdoor reception, so we constantly checked the radar to make sure the rain would pass before guests showed up. The rain helped to cool down the hot summer heat and left us with the most beautiful evening. And they say rain on your wedding day is good luck, so the stress was worth it!

Tell us about your main outfits, what was unique, is there a story?

I fell in love with a dress I saw on Instagram. It encapsulated the vintage, renaissance vibes I had been picturing, except for one aspect- the length. I knew we would be having a laid-back ceremony in our living room, and I wanted a short dress to match the casualness of the setting. I reached out to the designer and, luckily, was able to customize the dress to be created in a mini version. Luke also had his suit custom made, so he got to pick out the fabric and fit of his suit. He went with a brown, textured fabric, and it perfectly tied in with the look of our wedding.

VENUE Bride & Groom’s New Home PHOTOGRAPHER Taylor Jean Roark – Roam & Roark Photo, @roamandroark FLORIST The Wild Flower, @wildflower2129 CELEBRANT Family Friend – Mike Morgan CATERING Frosted Cakerie, @frostedjoplin BRIDAL DRESS Cinq Bridal, @shop_cinq MAKEUP By The Bride HAIR Alysia Merriman, @alysiamerriman