The Depths of Summer Collection by Working Style

Just in time for the warmer months ahead, Working Style have launched their latest collection “The Depths of Summer”.

A collection that celebrates the continued softening and evolution of the contemporary man’s wardrobe – much of the collection is designed to be interchangeable and adaptable. 

Creative Director Karl Clausen, noticed a change in the way that the modern man dresses for his 9-5, and has adapted the Working Style range to fit in with the increasingly casual approach to workwear. Maintaining a sophisticated look through clean details and quality fabrications, there are more options than ever for looking smart this summer with Working Style.

For an effortless look, Working Style ensures coats are relaxed and shoulders are incredibly soft and unstructured, while belt loops on trousers have been replaced with side straps to add a classic touch. The Depths of Summer collection is a perfect balance of a timeless yet casual style. 

Mediterranean blues, sage greens, chocolates and tans are the foundation colours of the collection – highlighted with pops of mustard and ivory.  Fabrics of cotton and linen take this stage in this Summer collection, both resonating with the warmth and laidback nature of the season. 

Working Style | Photography: Mark Smith