Looking for inspiration for a whimsical garden party wedding or an elegant soft soiree? Steeped in timeless romance, this tablescape by The Romantics fuses undeniably feminine details…

From blossoming florals in pastel hues, to textured linens in soft terracotta, with effortless motifs that will stand the test of time.

Gorgeous handcrafted ceramics from none other than Marloe Marloe are filled with lit candles, setting the mood for a romanticlly intimate evening under the stars.

An intimate soiree set beneath the iconic figtree of The Bower Estate, with a dreamy view of the Gold Coast hinterland, timeless romance is an ode to elegance and treasured moments gone by.

Stylist + Planner: The Romantics | Photographer: Carter Haus | Flora: The Flower Bar Co | Location/venue: The Bower Estate | Candle holders: Marloe Marloe | Stationery: The Weir Haus | Linen Napkins + Tablecloth: Bed Threads | Plates + Cutlery: For Love and Living | Styling fabric: Songbird Silk