Top Five February Real Weddings

Here we have the top five online weddings for February 2020 for your viewing pleasure. Counting down from number five to one based on website views, all are incredibly beautiful and uniquely personal in their own modern way. Congratulations to the top five for Feb!

5. Sarah & Corey by Native Weddings

Sarah and Corey knew of each other through a mutual friend, but first laid eyes on each other at a music festival where Corey intrigued Sarah as he was dressed as a pilot.

Instantly there was a connection as we spent the whole day together. We both discovered so many similarities with one another, we love brunch, music, adventure & animals. In the 4 & a half years, we dated we survived renovating a home, moving houses. a long-distance interstate relationship, raising pugs, travelling the world & we could not imagine life without each other & are excited to start our new chapter with a little girl arriving in April.

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4. Athena & Joff by Elsa Campbell

Athena is an Accessories Buyer currently working in the luxury beauty industry, and Joff is a Strategy Consultant working mostly in the healthcare sector. They are both from Melbourne and have been together for 9 years, and have been living in London for 4.5 of them. 

Athena met Joff at a bar in Melbourne through a mutual friend in early December 2010. Joff’s friend owned the bar, so he hung out there most nights.  That first time we met, there was an instant connection between us, but we were both too quiet and shy to do anything about it for a few weeks.

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3. Cass & Jacob by Carla Mitchell

I would say we complement each other perfectly.  Jacob is super laid back and very level headed.  Cass is the organiser, the planner and the one who keeps our little family running smoothly.  

Both working in the property industry, we are pretty passionate about all things real estate. In July 2018 we welcomed our son, Oliver, into the world.  It’s safe to say that he is our number one priority and he keeps us pretty busy – we’re both obsessed with him!  We also enjoy playing golf, the beach, heading out for coffee and trying out new restaurants.

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2. Ashleigh & Chris by Ana Galloway

We live in Peckham, London, where Chris works in banking and I’m a litigation solicitor. We love the village-y feel of Peckham and relish our quiet weekends visiting the local grocer, cheese shop and florist.

For his birthday, Chris took a sourdough course. He’s been turning out loaves ever since, and bread is often swapped with our neighbours for homegrown tomatoes and baking. My ‘therapy’ of choice is ceramics and I attend a weekly class where I’m taught lessons in patience and slowing down. We met on our first day of university, when we became next-door neighbours in our hall of residence. We stuck together like glue during those initial days and our relationship quickly evolved. Now, we’re so much a part of each other’s lives we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  1. Byron & Kate by Deon & Reni

Byron and I met ten years ago when he was playing a penguin and I was an Antarctic scientist in a new New Zealand play. In the show, Byron was completely naked and body painted while I was overheating in full Antarctic gear. 

During rehearsal, we were hanging out lots, and one night we shared a kiss goodbye. The very next day, the director wanted to do a body paint test for Byron/the penguin, so things went from chaste-kiss-on-the-doorstep to full nude within 24 hours. An excellent meet-cute. Byron still works as an actor as well as a landscape photographer and I do a bunch of stuff, from working in film and TV to writing and managing an arts and culture website. We’re dedicated to the arts in Aotearoa, we love to travel and we laugh a lot. 

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