Top Five Real Weddings May 2020

Here we have the top five online weddings based on website views for May 2020 for your viewing pleasure. All are incredibly beautiful and uniquely personal in their own modern way. Congratulations to the top five for May!

Kelsey + Keith by Chasewild Photography

Keith and I are each other’s biggest fans. We honestly think the other is the coolest, hottest, funniest, most special person on the planet.

Keith is a musician from Derry City, Ireland. He moved to Los Angeles about five years ago but has been touring in America for the past 10 years. Apart from music, Keith loves to surf and build stuff. He built our pub in one of the horse stables on our property for the wedding. I am from Phoenix, Arizona, but have lived in Los Angeles for nine years. I studied fashion design and now I run my own online business, Harkin Headquarters, where I sell all the things I love, like handmade tapestries, bags and jewellery from artisans all around the world and Keith’s music. We were married at our new home, which is a 100 plus year-old farmhouse on an island off the coast of Donegal, Ireland. Our whole wedding took place outside, with the exception of two horse stables. One was converted into a beautiful whitewashed buffet room, and the other was turned into a full, functioning Irish pub. It will be a pub and a wedding venue forever now!

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Aladdin + Rick by Lovers Of Love Photography

Brought together by a common Facebook friend, we discovered that while our life journeys (city kid/farm boy) were vastly different, those differences provided a nice balance that complimented each other.  

We both share common backgrounds and interests in real estate, politics, and entertainment. We love being dads to our Havapoo Freddy and working on home improvement projects. Most importantly, we make each other laugh. Our November wedding was magical and perfect. Our wedding goal was to keep it simple, fun, and intimate. The mountainside venue showcased the beautiful views of Palm Springs and the valley. The stunning flowering gardens provided a natural backdrop that complemented the spectacular views.  

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Khyaati + Bavan by Nisha Ravji

We met as first-year University students in New Zealand and our story is set in three cities and two countries, includes plenty of family and friends and a little pooch called Sherlock. It’s now been 9 years since we first got together and it has been one amazing ride, which has now brought us to Melbourne…

It’s fair to say that our lives primarily revolve around our little dog. Prior to him, we were just another couple in love, but as soon as we had him we knew we were a family. He’s the muse for some of Khyaati’s creative endeavours (including his very snazzy wedding tuxedo) and little work companion for Bav. We’re very fortunate to have met at such a young age, and we’re even more fortunate to have had each other for all these years. Our wedding was a wonderful milestone in our relationship and we’re extremely excited to continue this journey as a family.

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Nicola + Jai by Ash Muir Photography

Nicola was born and raised in Hamilton, and Jai was born in Whangarei, living there as well as Auckland, Hamilton and a brief stint in Thailand as an infant. We both went to school in Hamilton, including the same middle school, but we didn’t meet until we were doing tertiary study.

We were introduced by a mutual friend and went to a few parties and beach trips together before we started dating. It didn’t take long and the rest is history. We were 18 and 19 when we met (six years ago!) so we have grown into adults together. Jai is a software developer and Nicola is a marketer. We both work for small companies in Hamilton. We got engaged, bought a house, and planned a wedding all in 2019, it was a busy year! Our first home is a 1920s bungalow which requires A LOT of work, so we have been putting most of our energy into fixing her up and we love it, we are both super house proud. We both love nature and bush walks, and Jai is super into surfing and tramping. Nicola is a keen gardener.

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Emily + Will by Courtney Illfield

Will and I met in Australia, but got together in Bali. I was so nervous I drank about 10 margaritas in five minutes and practically jumped him!..

He’s loved me ever since. I work in social media and we’ve been incredibly lucky to be able to travel the world together for the past four years. When Will’s not travelling with me, he works as a plumber. The most unique part of our relationship is that we’re so chalk and cheese, it’s almost comical. You couldn’t find two more opposite personalities. Will is slow, methodical and quiet, and I’m a fast-paced firecracker with a voice loud enough to burst eardrums. But despite that, it works – he calms me down and I razzle him up.

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