Valentines Day Jewellery Gifts

Bringing you your ultimate guide to Valentines Day gifts for her… We’ve curated a collection of our favourite V-Day gift ideas for that special someone in your life. Whether it’s a gift for a friend or your loved one, you are sure to find something that we know she will treasure.

From fun Marching Girl love flags from Karen Walker to statement gold bands by Jewellers Workshop and Good Gold, these gorgeous pieces are sure to make the perfect gift that she will wear and love for years to come.

Completed Works Necklace from Sisters

Big Love Ring by Sophie, from Paper Plane Store

Marching Girl Love necklace by Karen Walke

Karen Walker Orangutan Earrings

Grew & Co Selena Earrings

Stella Diamond Earrings by Futurae Diamonds

Jasmin Sparrow Bernique Earrings

Serphine vintage diamond necklace from Coco Florence

Grew & Co Gardenia Earrings

Good Gold used as a stacker – Two or three stacked together would be gorgeous!

Amelié George Bella Earrings

Pigment Studio Circle necklace from Father Rabbit

Cushla Whiting Single Round Diamond cham earrings

Hoops with pearls and diamonds from Jewellers Workshop

Heart Ray Earrings bt Zoe & Morgan

Prima Solitaire Cord Bracelet by futurae diamonds

Aquaria Necklace by Zoe & Morgan

Classic Fine Diamond Necklace by Naveya & Sloane