Venice Honeymoon + Holiday with Skye Carter

Venice never fails to amaze me with its timeless charm every time I visit. Exploring during the off-peak season is perfect because it allows you to savour all the tourist attractions without enduring long lines.


BreakfastSulla Luna in Cannareggio, nestled along Rio della Misericordia, is a captivating little bookshop right by the river. It offers an enchanting collection of creative and imaginative books, doubles as a plant-based cafe, and even crafts and sells its own organic wine. It’s a delightful way to start your day by the tranquil canal.

AperitivoGrancaffe Quadro – Enjoying live music in St. Mark’s Square as the sun sets is truly a dream come true. There’s a remarkable cafe designed by Philippe Starck that might be a bit pricey for just one cocktail, but it’s absolutely worth it for the exquisite experience it offers! (The abstract black and white photo captures a reflection seen through the window of Caffe Quadro.)

Dinner – For a more relaxed dining experience, consider Il Paradiso Perduto, a seafood restaurant located in Cannareggio along the canal. It boasts a trendy and lively atmosphere, often featuring live music, and serves authentic Venetian cuisine.

For something more upmarket – Club del Doge feels like a step back in time with its exquisite interior and architecture, it looks out over the Grand Canal, and the food is delicious, also a small fortune.


Doge’s Palace – Doge’s Palace, also known as Palazzo Ducale in Italian, is one of the most iconic and historically significant landmarks in Venice, Italy. This magnificent palace is a prime example of Venetian Gothic architecture and is located at the heart of the city on St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco). (Buy a ticket the day before so you can skip the queues)

Gondola ride – A gondola ride in Venice, Italy, is a quintessential and special experience that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the romantic and unique atmosphere of the city. (off-peak months!) with commentary.

Murano and Burano are two islands in Italy’s Venetian Lagoon, near Venice.

  • Murano: Known for its centuries-old tradition of glass blowing. You can visit glass studios and watch artisans create intricate glass sculptures and artwork. The island’s Glass Museum showcases the history of glassmaking.
  • Burano: Famous for lace-making, especially delicate Burano lace. You can witness local artisans handcrafting lace in workshops and boutiques. The Lace Museum offers insights into this craft.

Both islands offer unique opportunities to watch skilled artisans at work, preserving traditional crafts that have made them special destinations for art and culture enthusiasts.


Cannareggio is a charming and less touristy neighbourhood. It’s easily accessible by walking from the train station and offers a quieter atmosphere. You’ll find numerous cosy bars and restaurants here, and the area strikes a unique balance between its authentic street character and the opulent architecture that Venice is known for. I truly enjoyed its distinctive charm.

Some hotel recommendations are below:

  1. Ca’ Sagredo Hotel: A historic palazzo overlooking the Grand Canal, offering luxurious rooms filled with art and antiques.
  2. Hotel Marte: A modest budget hotel with a convenient location near the train station, offering basic but clean rooms.
  3. Hotel Ai Mori d’Oriente: A beautifully designed hotel with a Moorish theme, offering comfortable rooms and a tranquil atmosphere.

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