Zoe & Morgan – Floating World Collection

The latest collection “Floating World” by Zoe & Morgan explores the idea of a surreal world with such freedom, where regular rules don’t apply.

We recently had a chat with the team at Zoe & Morgan about their new collection …

“When creating our 29th collection, we became inspired by the Japanese Edo period, which evoked a culture of hedonistic night-life and art. We imagined this to be a universe of wit, stylishness, extravagance, and naughtiness; with a touch of transgression.”

“We learnt of the term the​ Floating World​ in association with two great artists within this period, Hokusai and Hiroshige. We played with the idea of leaving the daily obligations behind, contrasting this with an imagined floating world. Freedom is a core value at Zoe & Morgan, we reflect this throughout ​Floating World​, paying homage to the moments when our societies have loosened their constraints and creativity, art and love has blossomed.”

“Similar to the sky, the world around us is constantly changing and evolving, new ideas are born and even the oldest concepts are always adapting.
The ​Floating World ​collection explores the ways in which we perceive all things, drawing upon the visions and designs of the 1960s, where the exchange of ideas sparked a sense of electricity. “

“Our collections always have some association with the stars, ​Floating World ​is an ever changing canvas of luminous stars and celestial bodies. When designing, we worked with soft round shapes set against sharp geometrical lines and repetitive graphics, reflecting some of the most beautiful parts of the Japanese Edo era.”

You can shop these stunning pieces at Zoe & Morgan online or in-store.