Zoe & Morgan launches new collection: Mutiara

Dreamt up whilst diving in tropical seas, Zoe & Morgan‘s latest collection Mutiara is an homage to the mysterious beauty of the underwater world.

In a time where international travel is limited, Morgan decided to seek inspiration from Indonesia’s tropical waters. The founder and designer’s love for diving heavily influenced the designs found in this collection with Mutiara translating to ‘pearl’ in Indonesian.  

Taking us on a journey to the bottom of the ocean, the shapes, textures and colours of vibrant corals, algaes and plants are mirrored in the New Zealand atelier’s latest line.

Cultured freshwater pearls in baroque and circular silhouettes play the lead role in this collection too with each one boasting an iridescent lustre.

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The Mutiara necklace and matching earrings are a beautiful example of this with gold detailing reminiscent of the breezy corals found at the bottom of the ocean. A pared-back play on pearls are the ‘Asahan’ earrings which come in two differing styles.

The ‘Gili’ earrings are a similar silhouette sans the pearl and like the rest of the line, come in silver and gold. Those seeking something a little extra special may choose one of the many coloured stones present in this collection.

A tribute to the rainbow of underwater life, pink tourmaline, diopside and zircon make up a handful of dazzling gemstones found in the earrings, necklaces and rings on offer. 

The ‘Kina’ earrings in pink tourmaline are a romantic choice for the bride-to-be while the ‘Anchored Stacker’ in diopside won’t look out of place on your everyday jewellery dish. Many of the styles featured in Mutiara are handmade using the ancient art of wax carving, a tradition which dates back to Egyptian times. 

The subtle imperfections which shine through here make each piece completely unique and further mirror the coral and wildlife waiting to be discovered on the ocean floor.

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