ADA + SHAUN by Free the Bird

Tell us a little about yourselves, what you do, what you love, what is unique about you and your relationship:

We both work in the IT software delivery industry, Shaun’s a developer engineer and I’m a Business Analyst Consultant.

You could say our roles complement each other just like our relationship, well, in theory – as we haven’t worked together yet!

We’re a shameless cliché – the truth is we just love hanging out together! Shaun loves his cycling, and right now I’m in love with all things related to filling our home with plants.

Film by Bottlebrush films:

What’s unique about Shaun: “He’s easily the most patient and supportive human I’ve ever met. The distractions of life rarely faze him because he knows exactly what matters the most to him, family (and me!) ”

What’s unique about Ada: “Her passion she has towards life,  friends, family. And her (next) level attention to detail is what brought our whole wedding together.”

What’s unique about us:

We can be polar opposites yet deep down we both love and care deeply. In the thirteen years we’ve been together, we’ve learned how to grow together and embrace our own individuality. So you can imagine the adventures and experiences that come with living in your 20s and doing the entire decade together. We can look back and say our love has been mostly unwavering.

Tell us about your main outfits:

I didn’t find joy in trying on wedding dresses, and I think it was because I couldn’t identify with the vision and (lack of) representation in the then collections. Going down the custom route was 100% a more personal and fun journey. The best part is that the dress is designed for you and only you. Elly was a dream to work with and she made the process so easy because she knows exactly the vibe you’re going for, even after showing her the many Pinterest pics you’ve saved on your phone. I always wanted a cape over a veil and a take on a t-shirt shaped top, Elly was able to incorporate both and I was delighted.

What were some of the most memorable/unique moments from the day:

(Pre-COVID-19: Unknowingly celebrating the last moments of normalcy before the pandemic) It was literally the last weekend before restrictions were being put in place. By the time we returned from our honeymoon in Hobart (again lucky we didn’t go overseas), they had announced lockdowns for our state. We look back at our wedding photos with so much more gratitude, having friends and family from interstate and overseas coming to celebrate our wedding; it all feels like a lifetime ago. And – a questionable judgment call by the groom – we were waiting for our first Uber to take us to our first photoshoot location, imagine the dismay in trying to fit yourself and your ivory wedding dress into a dusty Toyota Camry sedan – luckily the other Ubers he ordered after that were the Premier versions!

We had our guests do a mini-send off with sparklers, and I only have vague memories of us running through together. Compared to the vivid memories of me running up and down several more times out of pure excitement and joy because it was just so. Much. Fun. Luckily there are photos to confirm that we did in fact hold hands as we ran through the first time!

Any advice for other couples planning to spend the rest of their lives together:

Don’t rush it if you don’t want to, you’ll know when it’s time to get married. By the time we decided to get hitched it was 13 years since we met; the day felt like a really beautiful celebration of the companionship and life we had built together so far.

Any advice for other couples planning to spend the rest of their lives together (cont):

Also, unless you really enjoy the finer details of wedding planning like fonts, visual design, etc, I’d definitely recommend collaborating with a vendor. There are some truly talented folks out there, let them guide you and help make your decision-making process easier. I really enjoyed having a professional to bounce ideas and visions together with, without having to work by details that would have stressed me out.

Oh and Google slides to share your vision/inspo pics with all the vendors together! The red velvet backdrop was the result of a couple of vendors sharing ideas and knowing someone we could hire it from. Collaboration at its best.

Venue & Catering: Rupert on Rupert | Videographer: Bottlebrush Films | Photographer: Free the Bird | Celebrant: Georgia Mills | Entertainment: Tobi Music | Styling & Stationery: State of Reverie | Hire: The Small Things Co | Flora: Georgia Powell | Photobooth: Heartbreak Hotel Photobooth | Cake: Miss Ladybird Cakes | Bride’s Dress: Elly Sofocli | Groom’s Suit: MJ Bale | Ring/s: Tim Phillips | Bride’s Shoes: Balmain & Veja | Groom’s Shoes: Ted Baker | Bride’s headband: Witchery | Makeup & Hair: Milco | Fragrance: Le Labo (The Noir and Tonka)