Alfredo + Giorgia by Veronica Onofri

Dedo is a man of another era for his elegance, his romanticism and the values that he protects with determination every day. we believe in the real things, in love, in joy, in family and friends and in living each day to the fullest.

How/where/when did you meet – and what were your first impressions?
Alfredo and I (called Dedo by all) met in Saint Tropez on 2nd June 2017. DesGny wanted us to meet
at the right Gme in our lives because despite having many friends in common we had never met
before. On that occasion I was in Saint Tropez for work and since there was a long weekend in June
2nd, I extended it to have a weekend with some friends. Dedo was there with friends and there was
an opportunity to see us all together. As soon as I saw him there was immediately an exchange of
glances and understanding, so much so that we never separated from that evening. The days
following that we met encapsulate everything that two lovers experience: waiting for a call
to see each other again, bu=erflies in the stomach before the meeting, and the desire to never be
separated. The courtship, despite the fact that we had already chosen each other from that simple
look, continued for weeks because he is like this, he wants to do things well but above all to
experience emotions.

Was there a proposal? Tell us a little about it…

In the summer of 2021, the proposal arrived, which Dedo organized as always so that everything was special, in a place of the heart for us. We were in Porto Rafael (Sardinia) on an observatory turret that overlooks the entire Maddalena archipelago and Corsica. Sunset Game. Just me and him and a bottle of champagne hidden among those unique boulders that only Sardinia can have. In our hearts, we may have always known it but as always we have lived our days to the fullest as an engaged couple and now as husband and wife.

Tell us about the vision you had for the mood or style of your wedding…

Umbria immediately represented a favourite place to take refuge from the frenetic life of Milan. A place where we could feel good enjoying nature and good food. Great passions. Locus amoenus. Obviously, all this was made possible because my family has this farmhouse in Umbria – an area near Todi – where we
produce oil. And for them, it was love at first sight to discover this area and that farmhouse they
fell in love with about 15 years ago. In particular, the farmhouse is located on a hill that used to be
an inactive volcano. Then on board the crater which makes everything more suggestive and unique.

The mood of the wedding wanted to encompass everything that is important to us and that
represents us: family, friends, good food and wine and excellent music. The union was the driving
force behind everything: the union of me and dedo, of the families and of all our friends who in the
beauty of the Umbrian territory were able to savour the true beauty that nature gives us and which
can be even more exalted when shared together. The fil rouge of the wedding (from the invitations
to the mise en place) was that of the bucolic theme: pastel nuances, simple flowers with light tones,
soC and animated decorations, lightness but with the refinement of detail with always a reference to
the nature that surrounded us (aromatic plants, lavender). SoC colours, like for the mise en place
that didn’t distract from the natural landscape that was around it, actually could delicately
be part of that frame.

Warm lights and bamboo chandeliers hung as if flying around the dining area which was enclosed by a natural setting between hills, olive groves and a breathtaking sunset. As well as the music was chosen to entertain and dance because I and I love to dance, and it wasn’t just in the “background”. A local band from Perugia (I Leoni della Noe) enclosed our mood with the 50s-60s music revisited in a jazz key (Umbria heritage of Jazz) that made all the guests dance during the aperitif and aCer dinner. For the DJ set part, the deejay (Lorenzo Fassi) made people dance like crazy with revivals from the 70s-80s to the present day. Dj who was able to tell in a few hours our passion for music and dance as well as involving all the guests, from the most agè to the youngest. to immortalize all this beauty we have chosen a photographer who knows how to capture the beauty and elegance but also the emotions of this special day.

VENUE: Villa Emma – Venzano Umbria (Private Villa), @villaemma_umbria / PHOTOGRAPHER: Veronica Onofri Photography, @veronicaonofriweddingreportage / VIDEOGRAPHER: Karma Wedding Video, @karma_wedding_video / FLORA: Stiatti Fiori, @stiatti_fiori_ / CATERING & BEVERAGES: Tonico Cortona, @ristorante_tonino_cortona / DRESS: Leila Hafzi, @leilahafzi via Scenari Sposa Milano, @scenarisposa / LIGHTS: Wedding Music and Lights, @weddingmusicandlights / SHOES: Badgley Mischka, @badgleymischka / HAIR & MAKEUP: Lorenzo Hair Stylist, @lorenzohairstylist