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in Clover: British – [ in kloh-ver ] idiom – a life in ease and luxury
Contemporary bridal wear brand Clover London introduces their new 2023 collection. This is the third collection for the brand since launching in 2021 and offers a complimentary extension of its current offering of understated silk wedding wear.

The latest release features five exquisitely feminine gowns that perfectly align with Clover’s beloved modern and minimalistic aesthetic. These sleek silhouettes, complemented by unique detailing, make them highly coveted by admirers of the brand and the modern bride.

Violet: Pictured above; Clover’s classic shape of the fitted, square neckline is reimagined again with violet; an instant classic now available with a playful ruffle trim outlining both the front and back bodice and delicately drapes over the shoulders. The bodice sits above their signature a-line skirt with a left-side split. Made in London from 100% marocain silk.

Poppy: Pictured above, A brand first, poppy is a contemporary twist on the traditional ball gown. made by hand in London from decadent metres of matte silk faille, poppy fills the gap in the collection for a more formal bridal look.

Indigo: Pictured above, Giving a nod to the 90’s slip dress, indigo is a square neck, camisole bodice with v-back detailing carefully balanced by a bias cut skirt in buttery soft crepe silk satin. Perfect on its own or underneath our new daisy blouse, indigo offers the ideal base for any bridal look.

Daisy organza blouse: Pictured above; this 100% silk organza blouse provides the perfect soft overlay to a simple silhouetted gown such as the existing sweet pea or our new indigo. Elevating any uncomplicated gown, Daisy’s youthful sleeves are beautifully balanced by a keyhole back, fastened with bouncy bows and a fitted waist. 

Rue: Pictured above, Rue offers our collection a whimsical addition. With its long draped sleeves, cross-body top and wide open back, it pairs perfectly with our classic centre split skirt. Cinched by a silk-covered belt, rue is for the bride after elegance and ease.

This collection was inspired by our Clover community. All customer feedback is carefully considered to help build out our collection with pieces that will fill the gaps in our offering. While continuing to create in the contemporary yet romantic clover aesthetic, we are most interested in creating pieces that will be worn and loved to help to minimise waste but also to ultimately have a collection that stands the test of time – Ally Voss, founder  

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