Allure in Devotion – Part 3

In the heart of bustling Berlin, marrybylen wedding planners embarked on a captivating journey, capturing the very essence of this vibrant city’s allure through a beautiful elopement styled shoot.

Their mission extended beyond merely showcasing Fiona and Nico’s love; it aimed to narrate the magnetic charm that this city irresistibly exudes upon souls who are drawn to its audacious, cool, and cheeky yet sustainable and creative spirit.

Hotel de Rome, with its rooftop vantage point offering panoramic views of the iconic television tower, proved to be the ideal choice to embody Berlin’s spirit. However, Marrybylen’s vision transcended the venue itself; it was about curating an experience that reflected the soul of Berlin.

Collaborating with an exceptionally talented team of vendors who shared fervour for this project was crucial. From Melanie, the gifted photographer who now calls Berlin home, to Ritual Unions, the Berlin-based label responsible for crafting the four exquisite wedding dresses, and Stella, the makeup artist who worked her enchantment, each contributor played an indispensable role in breathing life into our vision.

Every detail, meticulously selected, contributed to showcasing Berlin’s sustainable and creative facets. From the exquisite chocolates featuring the television tower by Sawade Berlin to the ethically sourced diamond rings by Quite Quiet, each choice exemplified the city’s unique character. Even the distinctive fragrance from Birkholz Perfumes added a touch of Berlin’s spirited essence.

Ultimately, this narrative was about more than just Fiona and Nico; it was a tribute to celebrating Berlin’s timeless allure and the dedication of those who proudly call it home. This elopement styled shoot serves as a testament to the city’s unending capacity to inspire and create and provides endless inspiration for those thinking of a city elopement.

STYLIST Stella Loewnich Makeup & Hair, @slmakeupandhair / PHOTOGRAPHER HOCHZEITSLICHT, @hochzeitslicht / MODELS Fiona & Nico, @fionat_77 / FLORAL Botanic Affairs, @botanicaffairs / PLANNER marrybylen, @hay_events, @marrybylen / LOCATION Hotel de Rome, @hotelderome / DRESS DESIGNER Ritual Unions, @ritualunions, @judithbreil / SUIT Becon Berlin, / BRIDAL SHOES HELLO LOVELY – Brautboutique, @hellolovely.bridalshoes / RINGS Quite Quiet, @quitequietjewelry / JEWELLERY Jade Oi Studio, noëmvri berlin, @jadeoistudio, @noemvrifashionlabel / CAKE DESIGNER Cakes Berlin, @cakesberlin / CAR Manstone VIP, @manstonevip / FRAGRANCE Birkholz Perfume Manufacture, @birkholz.perfumes / CHOCOLATE Sawade Berlin,

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