Alter Me

Alter Me is a bespoke bridal and alterations studio that has been making bridal dreams come true since 2014.

With Alter Me officially opening their bridal shop in Newmarket, Auckland, it is no wonder that the creative force behind the studio has been doing a remarkable job. In fashion, the journey from dream to reality often requires a skilled artisan who can transform fabric into a masterpiece. Meet Nazneen Sethna, the founder of Alter Me. Nazneen holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Fashion Design from Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design. Having always known she wanted to run her own business in dressmaking and alterations, she took a bold step and created her own bridal studio a year after graduating from college.

Initially, Alter Me focused on crafting exquisite bespoke evening wear, including ball and cocktail dresses, which went hand-in-hand with alterations. Not long after, brides soon began to approach the studio for gown alterations. After word was spread, a bridal store soon contacted Nazneen to collaborate with them to alter gowns for their brides. Fast forward eight years, and Alter Me is now a trusted partner for eight bridal stores.

Currently, the studio offers two main services: bridal alterations and bespoke bridal wear. They also have options extending to the entire bridal party.

Evidently, Alter Me’s journey has been one of continuous growth and evolution.

“When the business started I was a one-person title for everything. I did the designing, pattern-making, sewing, seeing/managing clients, marketing and admin, and all other things that come with running a business. Over time, I was able to employ a full-time seamstress and now I have a team of two full-time seamstresses, one part-time client consultant, and one full-time pattern-maker.”

Alter Me’s humble beginnings first started in a tiny home studio in East Auckland. Its expansion and growth, however, soon necessitated a big move. As a mother of two young children, Nazneen realized that her business had outgrown the cozy confines of her home studio. Hence, the decision to establish a new presence in Newmarket. This move made all the more sense considering that Alter Me has already worked with numerous designers in the central Auckland area.

Situated on Khyber Pass Road, Alter Me’s new store exudes warmth and love. Furthermore, the studio boasts spacious changing rooms, a rarity in the world of alterations, measuring 3.5×3 meters. Large wall mirrors at the front and side allow brides to appreciate their dress from every angle. Moreover, each changing room features its own accessories wall. This enabled brides to try on veils and accessories with their gowns, eliminating the need to step out repeatedly.

What sets Alter Me apart is not just the skill and precision with which they handle alterations but the sheer magic they work with bridal gowns.

“Brides describe our alterations service as “you work wonders”. We are known to do extreme alterations on bridal gowns that other places say “it cannot be done” due to the skill it requires. We have made a size 10 dress fit a size 16 bride! Brides come to us and they know they’re in good hands and they trust the process.”

Additionally, Alter Me’s bespoke service is known for its unique patterns. Brides who opt for this service often have a clear vision of their dream dress. Often, these are styles one can’t find in traditional bridal shops. Alter Me goes the extra mile, allowing brides to choose their preferred fabrics, rather than limiting them to stock lace options. They source lace and fabric to match the bride’s vision, ensuring every detail is perfect.

Finally, Nazneen has exciting plans for Alter Me’s future. One of them is designing a capsule collection for brides to try on. Many brides have fallen in love with the studio’s designs, and showcasing these creations for sale is the logical next step.

Furthermore, Alter Me plans on starting a new venture by offering a “Sell on Behalf” service, taking over from another bridal store that is discontinuing the service. Brides can now sell their wedding dresses through the studio. This ensures that these cherished garments find new homes and continue to bring joy to others.

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To learn more or to book an appointment, visit or @alterme_nz.