A M É L I E . G E O R G E – SS23

Step into a realm where timeless elegance dances hand in hand with the enchanting allure of bohemian dreams.

The latest collection from Amélie George draws its inspiration from the bewitching world of baroque splendour and the free-spirited beauty of freshwater pearls, creating unique pieces that celebrate the natural world and femininity.

Introducing Layla, the epitome of understated elegance and modern sophistication. Crafted with a focus on simplicity and purity, these earrings feature lustrous freshwater pearls elegantly suspended in a delicate double-drop design. Layla’s minimalistic yet impactful style beautifully complements any bridal look, adding a touch of refined grace. These exquisite earrings are a perfect choice for brides seeking a timeless and versatile accessory that effortlessly complements various wedding styles. Whether you’re walking down the aisle in a classic gown or a contemporary ensemble, Layla’s pearls enhance your natural beauty and radiate a subtle luminosity.

Round Freshwater Pearls
Available in both 925 Silver and 18K Gold

Immerse yourself in the enchanting journey of each delicate piece, where naturally-shaped freshwater pearls take centre stage, radiating an iridescent glow that effortlessly captivates every sense. Each pearl weaves a story of individuality, lovingly embracing its unique imperfections while showcasing the exquisite charm of asymmetry.

Baroque Freshwater Pearls
Crystal Bar Charm Drop
Available in both 925 Silver and 18K Gold

Large Baroque Freshwater Pearl Stud Earring
Available in both 925 Silver and 18K Gold

Introducing STELLA – a cherished addition to your heirloom collection. With its elegant pairing of organic form and a contemporary crystal bar drop, these earrings celebrate the exquisite beauty of individuality. Nature’s artistry intertwines seamlessly with modern elegance, crafting a captivating narrative that illuminates the allure of Freshwater pearls in a new and sophisticated light.

Round Freshwater Pearl Drop Earring with Crystal Bar
Available in both 925 Silver and 18K Gold

Waterfall Freshwater Pearl Earring
Available in both 925 Silver and 18K Gold

Freshwater Pearl Threader Earring
Available in both 925 Silver and 18K Gold

Freshwater Button Pearl Stud Earrings
Available in both 925 Silver and 18K Gold

We are delighted to share the exciting news of our expanded offering for one of our best-selling styles. IMOGEN, will now be available in both perfectly round premium glass pearls and elegant freshwater pearls and offered in a variety of lengths.

This design embodies delicate elegance, with its elongated silhouette making a striking impression. Artfully suspended, four pearls grace this piece, forming an exquisite minimalist ensemble that invites us to challenge traditional bridal aesthetics—an ideal selection to elevate a subdued bridal ensemble with a touch of refinement.

Freshwater Button Pearls
Available in both Silver and 18K Gold

This collection is a tribute to the hearts of free-spirited souls in search of jewellery that transcends fleeting trends. Seamlessly merging elegance with the whimsical essence of bohemian aesthetics.

Where the graceful elegance of the bohemian spirit converges with timeless beauty, experience the Amélie George Bridal SS12 Collection.

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Creative Direction: Amelie George Bridal 
Earrings and Veils: Amelie George Bridal 
Dress and Suit: Prea James Bridal 
Photographer: Kas Richards 
MUA: Sophie Knox