Together Journal has created a global community of
like-minded brands and couples.

Together, Journal has created a global community of like-minded folk. Our followers are fashion-forward and design-driven. They will seek out the brands that suit them best, no matter where they are based in the world.

Five or six years ago, people did not have the level of confidence that they do now to book and buy from overseas brands. An after-effect of a global pandemic is that people are now very used to buying online, meeting via Zoom and purchasing from all over the globe. It is common, and it is normal to do so now.

Plus, destination weddings and overseas honeymoons have never been so popular!

We find it so interesting to analyse the different countries and the ways in which they engage with us and our partners. We might be based in New Zealand, but we are very much a global platform and magazine.

What are people from around the world saying about Together Journal…

“We have just booked a real dream client that will give us great exposure because of you guys. She found your magazine on holiday and then booked us in London because of the Paris feature we had in the magazine, and we love you a MILLION for it!” – The Curries, International Wedding Photographers

“Although we reside in New Zealand, we opted for a destination wedding in Spain! Together Journal was an invaluable source of inspiration and guidance. Among the many decisions we made, one of the best was selecting James Frost as our photographer, a choice we discovered through Together Journal magazine Real TJ couple Francesca + Shane

“I’ve been a part of the Together Journal boutique online directory for years, and it has proven to be an essential platform for my brand in attracting modern couples from across the globe. The contemporary and genuine vibe of Together Journal aligns perfectly with the type of couples 
I love to collaborate with. It’s one of the best places to be” –  Jonny Scott, International Wedding Photographer.

“Together Journal are a rare mob that has nailed the perfect mix of design, storytelling, and empathy. As a photographer, it’s pretty wild to have my work handled by a design-minded, forward-thinking crew that are invested in being the example of how tradition in our industry can both evolve and be sidestepped. – Oli Sansom, Briars Atlas (Photographer)

A few of our international partners are below…

Bario Neal is an ethically minded jewellery line, handcrafted in Philadelphia with 100% reclaimed precious metals, fairmined gold, and sustainably sourced stones. Designing an ethical way forward for the jewelry industry, one handmade piece at a time. – Bario Neal Jewellery is based in The United States

Scarlet O’Neill has been capturing couples in love & weddings for over a dozen years. She finds inspiration by observing the love, connection and interactions of her couples.

Scarlet O’Neill Photographer, based in Canada

We are Laura and Tommy, we are a couple and we love to work together. Since 2013, when we started this amazing business, we photograph stylish weddings from international couples all around Europe and worldwide. – Lato Photography is based in Italy

Nine Roses is a thoughtful and welcoming design studio in Richmond, VA. We opened up shop out of the desire to offer a different type of fine jewelry experience than the ones we grew up knowing. Instead of an ultra-formal and sales-driven environment, we hope to make the shopping process fun, comfortable, and exciting. Nine Roses Fine Jewelry is based in The United States

I moved to Amsterdam 5 years ago to follow my dream of capturing beautiful weddings in breathtaking locations throughout Europe. The love that I have for European art and architecture is the foundation of my photography. – Sandrine Philie – Photographer based in The Netherlands

Destination wedding planner based in the South of France, we will help you plan your wedding in France or in Italy. Working hand in hand to make this day as you have imagined it, the reflection of your true selves.Wanderlust Wedding based in France

Reagan from Olive and Oath is an artist whose medium happens to be photography and whose niche happens to be weddings. There is nothing he loves more than creatively documenting the beautiful convergence of history and human nuance that you see on wedding days.  – Olive and Oath, a photography studio based in The United States

Anne De Geyter is a Belgian-based photographer with a nostalgic soul, a collector of images and a narrator of memories. Through her lens, ordinary scenes turn into extraordinary adventures. Even the most camera-shy folks can’t resist cracking a smile and letting loose.  Photographer Anne De Geyter is based in Belgium

Found Treasure Jewellery X Together Journal – A truly international case study.

“My client found out about Found Treasure by reading Together Journal at the Airport in Australia. She wanted a wedding ring that incorporated her love of the ocean and wanted something fun and out of the ordinary. Since our first meeting, we have worked together to create a Bespoke wave-style wedding band to be proud of. And now her ring is ready to be sent to Australia! It’s been a beautiful journey. And many thanks to Together Journal for bringing us together.”

The TJ impact has been amazing; I’m now working with new clients in Sydney and London who found my work by reading the feature in Together Journal’s Issue 33.

I see TJ as a stylised wedding Journal, showcasing couples and ceremonies from around the world alongside their carefully selected favourites from within the wedding industry. So it was a real moment being featured and interviewed by the TJ team as an emerging designer for a 3-page advertorial feature in Issue 33.
Naomi Lewis – founder of Found Treasure Jewellery⁠

Background story: Naomi discovered Together Journal several years ago when she lived in New Zealand. Now, she is based in Cornwall, in the United Kingdom, with her beautiful emerging jewellery brand, Found Treasure Jewellery. Naomi trusted Together Journal to tell her story, and her client found issue 33 of Together Journal magazine (the issue we featured Found Treasure in) in Australia at the airport in WH Smith. After reading the story and being so impressed with Naomi and how unique her brand is, they reached out from Australia to Naomi directly in the United Kingdom to create their dream wedding ring.

This is what we do! We help connect our couples with the brands that suit them most, no matter where they are in the world!

“Honestly, nothing feels better than hearing the success stories. And this one is truly special. It spans the globe. We could not be more proud or happier to help bring people and brands together.” Together Journal Founder + Editor Greta Kenyon

Read the full Found Treasure feature story from issue #33 on our website HERE

Together Journal is independent, founded by wedding experts who have worked as wedding photographers, florists, stylists, stationery designers and more. We are the wedding authority, and we know what couples need and want. We are the most fashion-forward and design-driven print magazine and digital platform in the world. When it comes to seeking creative brands for their special day, the most discerning couples consistently turn to Together Journal.


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