Modern diamonds, whether it be a classic white diamond solitaire, a cluster of organic shapes or a statement emerald cut, are still such popular choices when it comes to modern engagement and wedding rings.

In our search for this season’s best, modern diamonds, as well as noticing a trend of varied and unique, gorgeous shapes, we’ve also noticed a trend in the wearing of stackable rings and bands. And so if you’re also looking to find that perfect wedding ring or band stack, look no further…

Above we have LILAH 0.96 paired with the Daphne Pear Curved by Grew & Co.

Above: Precious Oval Green Solitaire by Natalie Marie

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Above: Custom diamond ring by Zoe Porter

Above: Celeste Ring By McClurg’s

Above: Lilac Spinel Ring by Scarlett Jewellery Label

Above: Eros Engagement Ring by Zoe & Morgan

Above: Signature Heart Shaped 5ct Blackened Gold Button Back Ring by Jessica McCormack

Above: Alba Ring & Band by Meadowlark Jewellery

Above: Diamond trio ring by Naveya & Sloane Jewellery

Above: Diamond Crest Ring by Ruusk

Above: 1.35ct Oval Ceremonial Solitaire Ring and 5mm Cuff Ring by Louise Jean

Above: Bespoke diamond ring by Monarc Jewellery

Above: Isabella & Margot Antique Rings by Cushla Whiting

Above: Column Diamond Ring by Sarah & Sebastian

Above: Cerise Diamond Ring by Molten Store

Above: Diamond bands and rings by Natasha Schweitzer

Above: Pavé diamond rings from Fine Matter

Above: Diamant de la Raine by Sophie Billie Brahe

Above: Elegant diamond ring by Sanders Jewellers

Above: ASHOKA diamond ring from Partridge Jewellers

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Above: 18ct Rose Gold Multi Diamond Ring by Cameron Jewellery

Above: Engagement rings by Mociun

Above: Zaria Ring by Bare Jewellery

Above: Crown of Hope in Lab Grown Diamond by Chupi

Above: Lover Ring by Babyanything

Above: Petit Sacred Band with hand rose cut Diamonds, stacked with the Vega and Constellation bands by MANIAMANIA

Above: Engagement ring by Culét Jewellery

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