Blak Bridesmaids

Blak Bridesmaids introduces their beautiful made-to-order bridesmaid's service.

Blak Bridesmaids introduces their beautiful made-to-order bridesmaid’s service.

Blak Bridesmaids presents an expansive array of meticulously crafted styles, originating from their design studios in New Zealand. These creations are thoughtfully tailored to complement diverse body types, all meticulously brought to life through made-to-order customisation, affording you the luxury of selecting your preferred colours and fabrics.

The couture-level craftsmanship of Blak Bridesmaids extends to their individually crafted dresses, offering you an unrivalled service to fit within the vision of your dream wedding.

Arrange an exclusive, complimentary consultation at one of their boutiques in Mount Maunganui or Newmarket, where a team of bridesmaid specialists are ready to provide expert guidance.

With the ability to customise any design according to your preferences—be it colour, fabric, or size—you can either curate a harmonious ensemble for your bridesmaids or entrust them with the freedom to choose silhouettes that best resonate with their individual tastes.

For those unable to visit the physical boutiques, peruse our comprehensive collection and diverse colour palettes online. Additionally, you have the option to request fabric swatches and sample dresses to be sent out, allowing for a well-informed decision-making process in the comfort of your own home.

At present, our top picks for hues are the gentle, soothing lilacs and the warm, buttery shades of yellow. As for our dress selection – although we find ourselves drawn to the “I Choose You dress” with its elegant bust line and charming tie detail, we could easily change our minds with so many other delightful styles on offer.

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