Bonnie: We love spending time together, exploring and camping, being outdoors and especially activities that involve bouldering – one of our favourite things to do! I’m a paramedic and Jimmy is a landscaper and we’re equally passionate about our careers.

We live in Queensland and have finally been able to enjoy living together again, after two years of hurdles. We met on our first day at university, out the front of our very first tutorial. I was definitely attracted to and impressed by Jim, he just came across as really warm and happy. I used to get very excited to see him in tutorials.

Jim: I was mesmerised by Bonnie’s infectious smile. She seemed like a totally unique person with a beautiful outlook on life.

Bonnie: I knew straight away that Jim would be in my future, although I didn’t admit that to anyone at the time. I knew that if and when Jim and I decided to start something, it would be forever – and it took three years for something to happen.

Jim: When we did start seeing each other, we decided without hesitation to move in together after only a few weeks. That’s when I knew that this was going to last. At the time I chose to propose to location Island Beach, Kangaroo Island, South Australia she was working week-on-week-off, flying in and out of Mackay, to the Sunshine Coast. I picked her up from the airport as per usual. I wanted to propose at the airport, but chickened out. Bon noticed that there was a bottle of champagne in the car, and said “ohh champagne, fancy”, apparently not thinking anything more of it. When pulling into our driveway, I stopped Bon from getting out of the car and asked her to marry me in the driveway of our home.

Bonnie: We wanted a relaxed beach wedding, with lots of music, boogying, pretty lights and quality booze. I’d say our biggest splurge was the entertainment, but I think Jim would say it was our glamping tent which we slept in that night.

Not quite everything went to plan – Jimmy accidentally deleted his vows as he was on his way to the ceremony. He also forgot to brush his teeth. My wedding dress was made from my mum’s wedding dress. It was re-designed and made by Suzanne Cole who was also the designer/maker of my mum’s original dress. She came out of retirement to make my dress which is so unique, I just love it. I felt so comfortable and like myself on the day

Location: Island Beach, Kangaroo Island, South Australia | Photographer: Deon and Reni | Bride’s Attire: Mother’s wedding dress | Groom’s Attire: Politix | Headpiece: Floristry by Sally | Makeup: Airlie Hamilton | Ring: Martin Rogers Jewellery | Band: Chris Panousaki, Timberwolf, Will Bonnin | Celebrant: Marina Whitham | Entertainment: Michael Bevan, Karen de Nardi, Trish Storer  | Invitations/stationery: Bigmouth Designs | Bridesmaids Attire: Aje | Groomsmen Attire: Politix | Hire: Festival Hire | Glamping Accommodation: Wandering Souls Australia | Furniture: Handmade by the Groom | Catering + Beverages: Kitchen Catering by Sam | Cake: Sheoakbaker | Gifting: Embedded landscape artwork by Jane Skeer | Bonbonnieres: Kangaroo Island honey, Island Beehive