Cocktail Club – Espresso Martini

Welcome to the Together Journal Cocktail Club. This week we’ve teamed up with the lovely people from Good Spirits to bring you a cocktail creation you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

The classic no need for introduction Espresso Martini. A relatively new cocktail in cocktail years, it was originally called the Vodka Espresso. As the story goes it was invented for a patron back in the trendy Soho area of London in the 80’s. The picky patron wanted a drink off menu to wake her up with alcohol and coffee (every bartender’s dream) and ole Dick Bradsell gave birth to the Vodka Espresso, but as anything becomes mainstream in the cocktail world the name evolved into a Martini. We have a little twist on ours.


40ml Vodka
30ml Kahlua
30ml fresh espresso
10ml Butterscotch liqueur
5ml Vanilla syrup


Add all your ingredients to your shaker and fill with ice. Now if you haven’t forked out 2 grand on a coffee machine fear not. We have a secret to tell you. You can use instant coffee, just make sure it’s a decent brand. The ratio is one heaped spoon of instant coffee to 2/3rds a cup of boiling water and uses 30ml of this. Obviously, this is a home job. If your bartender did this at your favourite bar you should probably ask for a refund and a free shot of tequila for the shame of it. Shake hard for 30 seconds to make sure you generate enough froth and double strain into coupe/martini glass. You can get creative with garnishes ranging from chocolate powder and coffee beans, grated cream chocolate or even some toasted marshmallows if you’re feeling adventurous. Drink Responsibly and before 9pm if you want a shred of shut eye.

Hi, I’m Dave. I’m the face behind Good Spirits. We’re an Auckland based drinks catering company, specialising in weddings and events across New Zealand. We love cocktails and want to share our passion for creating, tasting and drinking them with you while you’re at home. We’ve listed a few of our favourite recipes for you to try during the lockdown. Delve into the techniques and become a mixologist in your right. We’ll have you ready to take on any cocktail shake-off.