Evelina + Dmitry by Ela Tatiana Photography

It was our first time seeing each other after being long-distance when I got those crazy butterflies in my stomach and understood I would never be able to be without him.

Tell us a little about yourselves, what you do, what you love…
We’re a young couple in our twenties that lives in Guildford, UK. Both came to the UK to study and stayed there ever since. We’re still trying to figure out what we want from this life and work hard towards our dreams (especially Dmitry). A fun or maybe not-so-fun fact about our relationship is that our families have never met in person (even on our wedding day). That’s the main reason why we would love to organise a big wedding celebration somewhere abroad, where none of our family members would need a visa, so they could finally meet! We love our families!

How/where/when did you meet – and what were your first impressions?
I met Dmitry in my 2nd year of uni. He was doing his master’s degree then, I believe? Both of us were part of the Russian Speaking Society, and we used to play Mafia once a week – that’s how we met. Throughout the year, I only knew him as a ‘guy who always wears red’ – we weren’t talking at all.

A year later, after the summer holidays, at one of society’s gatherings, we met again, and that’s when everything started. He drove me home, then we went ice skating where I fell and ripped my trousers (it wasn’t an official date yet, there was another girl – third wheel), visited many beautiful spots of the UK and I wasn’t organising anything – Dmitry did everything to entertain me and make me happy!

October 18, 2019, the day we went ice skating – is the start of our relationship.

Was there a proposal? Tell us a little about it…
The day of our proposal is probably one of the TOP 3 days of my life! We were in Seychelles, and our 3rd anniversary happened to be in the middle of this trip. On the morning of our anniversary, I gave Dmitry a little present from me, and he was ‘genuinely’ surprised and said that, sadly, he didn’t prepare anything for me this time, which I believed and wasn’t surprised, as he was insanely busy with work before we left. There were 0 thoughts about a potential proposal, as yes, we’ve spoken about it, but we understood that organising a wedding requires lots of money, which we, as a couple in our early 20s don’t necessarily have. So, later in the day, we arrived at this beautiful beach with never-ending waves. We went to do a little photoshoot and, out of nowhere, Dmitry took out a box with a ring, stood on his knee and asked me to become his wife! The rest of the day felt like a fairytale – we even got ‘married’ by our skipper in the middle of the ocean on a yacht with a view of the most beautiful sunset.

Tell us about the vision you had for the mood or style of your wedding…
We wanted to keep things simple as it was an intimate ceremony. No ballroom dresses, tuxedos, enormous reception… More styling and creating of mood boards will take place once we start organising our wedding celebration.

What was one element you were happy to splurge on?
We wanted to keep things simple and DON’T splurge on anything, as we’re still planning to do our wedding celebration, which will be the main investment. The most expensive thing was probably the Town Hall and the ceremony itself.

CEREMONY LOCATION: A Day to Remember – Old Marylebone Town Hall, @adaytorememberlondon / RECEPTION LOCATION: Arros QD, @arrosqd / PHOTOGRAPHER: Ela Tatiana Wedding Photography, @ela.tatiana.weddingphotography / CELEBRANT: Evelina Minskaya Romanovska, @eromanovs / FLORA: House of Flowers London, @house.of.flowers.london / WEDDING DRESS: Level 44, @le4v4el / GROOM’S SUIT: Suit Supply, @suitsupply / RINGS: Charme Jewellery, @charme_jewellery_guildford / BRIDE’S SHOES: Pull and Bear, @pullandbear / GROOM’S SHOES: Zara, @zara / EARRINGS: APM, @apmmonaco / HAIR & MAKEUP: Tatiana Dorogaia

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