First Light by BLAK

Embrace the changing season and explore our top picks from BLAK‘s latest collection, First Light.

There’s no denying the powerful shift warmer weather and clear skies bring to our bodies and minds. First Light by BLAK is about leaning into the lightwaves and the magical kiss of the sun as the new season dawns. That delicious First Light.

This collection sees a brighter, lighter mood, with breezy cotton, timeless linen and slinky satin in bold blues, greens and purples, statement prints and texture, with all signature BLAK styles. Learn more about the Together Journal favourites below, and explore the full collection at BLAK.

Above: The Love Affair Dress in Ivory is a romantic, feminine and fitted cotton linen midi dress that’s perfect for spring and summer events or for elevated everyday wear.

“The beginning of spring means we can start to experience everything we have to its fullest, with the strength, encouragement and happiness the sun brings. And now that we can once again experience the world and everything it has to offer, we’ve hit the light at the end of the tunnel, and the possibilities are endless.” – BLAK Director and Designer Teresa Hodges.

Above: The Fusion Dress in Kelly Green is a spring showstopper that’s perfect for any event or occasion. This bias-cut satin maxi dress is flattering and modern.

Considered feminine and functional, the New Zealand brand BLAK has been creating timeless pieces for women for over a decade. Synonymous with simplicity, understated confidence and beauty, these are clothes made by a woman, for women, with a predominantly female team. 

These are clever, classic items to be worn as an extension of your personality – to make a statement, and to wear everyday, enduring styles to invest in, and live your life in.

Above: The Heart and Soul Slip in Pink Floral is a spring go-to and easy to dress up or down with heels or sneakers.

Above: The Natural Beauty Dress in black is a beautiful style for special occasions or elevated everyday wear, this shirred linen midi dress is unique and flattering with its modern classic silhouette.

Above: The Crush Midi is an easy-going and comfortable style. This relaxed cotton midi dress features a shirred front panel to add texture, with a sweet keyhole necktie. 

Above: The Fusion Dress in Cinnamon will help you create a sleek but subtle look. This colour is great for spring.

Above: Idol Dress in Ivory features a back cut that extends slightly around the front of the dress. This is a beautiful silhouette that you’ll love this spring and summer.

We love the bright colour of the Power Dress in Italian Blue. This is an elegant style perfect for event season.

Explore the full First Light Collection at BLAK.