Fortela x Crane Brothers

Fortela was established in 2015 by Alessandro Squarzi, a leader in the field of men’s fashion. This Italian luxury brand specialises in crafting enduring and timeless garments, placing great emphasis on the artistry of skilled craftsmen. A natural fit for Crane Brothers.

ABOVE: 01 Fortela Sage Green Pocket Shirt 02 Fortela Sandstone Pocket Shirt 03 Fortela Stone Washed Denim Half Placket Button Down Shirt 04 Fortela Mekong Navy Jacket

Alessandro’s vision was to create a collection inspired by the extensive collection of clothing in his personal wardrobe. Considered one of the most significant archives for men’s vintage couture and clothing research in Europe, his collection continuously evolves through new acquisitions. His personal style adeptly combines elements of the past with the contemporary.

ABOVE: 01 Fortela Olive Fatigue Trouser 02 Fortela John Jeans 03 Fortela Ivory Overshirt 04 Fortela Stone Washed Denim Half Placket Button Down Shirt 05 Fortela Navy Overshirt

Crane Brothers is the first to introduce Fortela to New Zealand and you will find it exclusively with them. Murray Crane visited the brand in Italy and has carefully curated a selection of their finest offerings, which he feels will suit the New Zealand gentleman and lifestyle.

ABOVE: 06 Fortela Navy Fatigue Trouser 07 Fortela Blue Denim Texan Shirt 08 Fortela Navy Overshirt 09 Fortela John Jeans

From classic staple colours in Military Fatigue trousers to long-lasting selvedge denim and a variety of versatile overshirts that can be dressed up or down, each piece is perfect for the weekend. They can be worn individually or paired with knitwear and tailored items.

ABOVE: 10 Fortela Mekong Navy Jacket 11 Fortela Sandstone Pocket Shirt 12 Fortela Stone Washed Denim Half Placket Button Down Shirt 13 Fortela Sage Green Pocket Shirt 14 Fortela Ivory Overshirt

“For me, menswear is incredibly simple, it works best, in a very narrow channel drawing its inspiration from a handful of sources. Key elements and inspiration include vintage fashion, military, Western and preppy. It’s a community drawn together by a common love of vintage cars, motorcycles, and watches loosely blended with a more traditional tailoring bent; it is a heady mix.

These things are ever present in my own work, and by default, the brands I am drawn to. I hope you like it as much as I do” – Murray Crane

ABOVE: 15 Fortela Mekong Olive Jacket 16 Fortela Navy Overshirt 17 Fortela Mekong Navy Jacket 18 Fortela Sandstone Pocket Shirt

ABOVE: 20 Fortela Mekong Olive Jacket 21 Fortela Sandstone Pocket Shirt 22 Fortela Navy Fatigue Trousers 23 Fortela Stone Washed Denim Half Placket Button Down Shirt 24 Fortela John Jeans

Fortela is available online and in-store at Crane Brothers on High Street and Ponsonby.