Gift Wishlist

Wishlist Issue #33

In perfect timing for the holiday season and a delightful early treat in anticipation of Issue 33, we see no reason to withhold our most enchanting gifts from our Issue 33 Wishlist.

Why postpone sharing our wonderful presents until after the festive season? Our carefully crafted gift selection in Issue 33 offers something for everyone, serving as a delightful remedy for the last-minute Christmas frenzy.

We’ve put a lot of thought into catering to every member of your family and your circle of friends. Whether it’s for the dads, brothers, mothers, sisters, wives, or friends, we’ve got something special for everyone. The only challenging part? Making the final choice.

Embrace the joy!

01 Hair bows by Colleen 02 Rapture Marigold glasses by Karen Walker 03 The Essentials by Emma Lewisham 04 Thicky picnic rug by Peek Neek from Paper Plane 05 Barry linen overshirt from Working Style 06 Smoothie straws by Sucker from Paper Plane 07 Handmade hunting knife by Sam Harrison from Crane Brothers 08 Birdie Melon handbag by Saben 09 Marlo contrast overnight bag by Città 10 Nun by Laboratorio Olfattivo from Working Style 11 Absolute by Solid State from Barkers 12 Dreamer shorts by Alemais from Sisters & Co 13 Bindle bag by Karen Walker 14 Juliet mini bag in Alabaster by Saben X Trish Peng 15 Poppy Dress by Karen Walker 16 Acme x Karen Walker Bobby mug by Karen Walker 17 Carter bag in Taupe by Saben 18 Cassia bag in Coconut Ice by Saben 19 Filigree bottle holder & bottle by Karen Walker 20 Beige & White Grenadine tie from Crane Brothers 21 Halo bowls by Città 22 Zambesi fragrance 23 Placemat set by Business & Pleasure from Paper Plane 24 Sammie bag in Coconut Ice by Saben 25 Azalea dress by Marle from Sisters & Co 26 Wild Coconut & Gardenia Madison candle by Ecoya