Kristin Piteo

Kristin Piteo masterfully captures the height and depth of many love stories.

In the dynamic world of wedding photography, Kristin Piteo stands out as an artist whose work transcends borders. She captures love stories in California, NYC, and across the globe. From Europe to South Africa, and soon in Asia and South America, Kristin’s lens navigates diverse landscapes to create genuine visual narratives.

“Photography and travel continue to be beautifully intertwined in my life to create art,” she says.

One of Kristin’s distinctive attributes is her ability to capture moments using both digital and film mediums. This dual proficiency allows her to cater to a spectrum of visual preferences. Therefore, Kristin can offer her clients a choice between the crisp clarity of digital and the timeless allure of film. 

Her approach is straightforward, focusing on candid moments with a calm demeanor that allows events to unfold naturally. Beyond technical skills, Kristin prioritises forging genuine connections with clients. She ensures a personalized, high-touch experience that reflects their vision and personalities. 

“I bring a sense of calmness to the day, allowing each moment to unfold as organically as possible while also creating artful memories. It is about beautifully combining art and documentation while evoking emotion.”

The photos that Kristin captures aim to express the height and depth of her client’s story, organically portraying their love from the inside out.

As a photographer, Kristin becomes more than just an observer on wedding days; she becomes a friend. This connection allows her to authentically capture the essence of each couple. “Every moment matters – the big and small all create your story. I want each of you to reflect on your photos in years to come and be brought right back to the very feelings, setting, and ambiance from your wedding day,” she emphasizes.

Kristin Piteo’s lens tells love stories with simplicity, capturing the essence of human connection. Through her unfiltered approach, she immortalizes the beauty of love in its rawest form. Truly, Kristin makes each photograph a timeless reflection of genuine emotion.

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