Gloria Head Pieces

Discover six exquisite and distinctive alternative headpieces from Gloria.

These glorious headpiece from Gloria would be perfect for a wedding day or fancy occasion and are suited to brides, grooms, maids, guests…or anyone really.

Kristine Crabb from Gloria never fails to captivate us with her unexpected beauty. Her designs inspire fresh perspectives and innovative approaches. Among our current favourites are these six headpieces, spanning from veils to bows and bands. But the excitement doesn’t end there; her website boasts a plethora of other stunning pieces waiting to be explored.

Embrace the unexpected and seek out pieces that can seamlessly transition beyond your wedding day. These stunning accessories from Gloria could elevate even your favourite pair of jeans long after the vows are exchanged. Imagine the joy of incorporating a piece from your wedding day into your daily attire, serving as a sweet reminder of cherished memories.

Above: Frankie Tiara ~ Ivory The newest addition to the Gloria accessory collection is a slick metal comb headband adorned with hand-tied bows ~ a tiara like no other! One Size.

Above: Monica Bow ~ Snow White – A hand made silk couture bow, hand stited on a black metal comb. For pixie cuts to long flowing locks, a romantic accessory for your head of hair! 100% Silk

Above: Hiwa Braid ~ Ivory. Hiwa Braid ~ a simple softly braided head band with long ties to tie in the head and hair, the neck or to accessorise. A signature, lovingly knotted style as part of the Lilith Collection made in collaboration with hair stylist Sky Cripps-Jackson and Kristine Crabb of Gloria.

Above: Scrunchie ~ Ivory Silk Full-Froth Gloria scrunchies, made from archive fabrics.

Above: Veil Of Virtue ~ Vegas Gold. Created from two divine layers of sheer tulle and fastened to an elastic band of velvet, the Veil of Virtue is headpiece from the land beyond time. For lovers to grievers to modesty seekers, the Veil of Virtue is here.

Above: Lilith Knotted Tiara BySky ~ Gloria Red The Knotted Tiara is a silk headband, creating soft romance and silhouette for the head and hair. A special piece in this new collection. The Lilith Collection is made in collaboration with local stylist Sky Cripps-Jackson and Kristine Crabb of GLORIA. 100% Silk satin, silver nickel headband.

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