A moment in time to be remembered forever. No sooner has one of life’s biggest questions been asked and answered with a “yes!” than another cascade of smaller but still pressing decisions rains down on the happy couple.

Elopement or wedding? Intimate occasion or a great stonking party? Church, garden, cliff-top or beach? Do we risk inviting Uncle Trevor?

Perhaps the smallest yet most enduring consideration is the engagement ring. Diminutive enough to hide in a breast pocket and slip onto a finger, this little object packs a power punch of meaning and presents a gazillion dilemmas of its own. Because, unlike all the other features of an engagement and wedding, your ring will be with you for life, reminding you and your beloved of your most magical moments long after the marquee has been dismantled and the band have packed up and gone home.

If you’ve taken the first step and decided yours will be a diamond ring, congratulations. There’s just no arguing with that stone-cold classic. But the glittering world you’re about to enter is a confusing one. When it comes to diamonds there’s cut, clarity, colour and carat — and that’s just the beginning.

The smartest thing you can do in this situation is to place yourself in the hands of a diamond and fine jewellery expert. This is exactly what Mike McRoberts and Heidi Ettema did when they got engaged last year and wasted no time in contacting Godavari. The proposal from one of New Zealand’s most popular news anchors to his music publicist partner was a breathtakingly romantic seaside one, sans ring, as the moment took even Mike by surprise.

And then, following the advice of a friend, the pair approached Godavari to help them create their dream engagement ring.

Godavari is a luxury diamond brand, proud to be based in the culturally diverse, ever-changing
mecca of Auckland. From its inception, the brand developed according to three core principles:
sustainable luxury, mindful design and bespoke craftsmanship. To those ideals, Godavari has consistently paid more than lip service. Their jewellery — and even its packaging — is designed and crafted by artisans in Aotearoa, and ethical and sustainable practices are constantly monitored and maintained to the highest possible standards.

And to the company’s core values, onlookers might like to add bold innovation. Because in the traditionally conservative world of fine jewellery, Godavari has certainly made a splash. Winning awards for its sleek, sustainable packaging, partnering on projects with design mavericks like World, and launching the unrivalled Godavari Globe (a sphere of precious metal and a diamond, that later takes shape as a ring according to its owner’s wishes), this is a brand open to new ideas and an element of surprise.

But that’s not to say that Godavari doesn’t value tradition. As well as promising a happy future, diamonds can reflect connections to the past. This is what Mike and Heidi had in mind when they met with Godavari’s co-founder and director Jane Bell to discuss their desires. “Mike and Heidi wanted something unique with a little bit of detail,” says Jane. “They had in mind a classic and timeless design that could be cherished forever. As we worked through the design specifications, Mike reminded Heidi that she had always loved her grandmother’s ring.”

The ring belonging to the woman Heidi has called her favourite person in the world features a central diamond encircled by eight smaller diamonds. Heidi was always enchanted by it and when she fell in love with Mike, it was an easy decision for the couple to model her ring on the one she’s adored all her life. “The Godavari design process took extra care to add the special details of the ring that Heidi loved,” says Jane.

“At Godavari, we always say that a ring captures a moment in time to be remembered forever, and Heidi’s ring definitely feels like a beautiful example of that philosophy. The team were then able to create the wedding bands to match, with Heidi’s designed to fit beautifully with her engagement ring.”

And Heidi’s ring, suffused with deep connection, fits perfectly with her and Mike’s wedding — an occasion filled with heart and soul, mingling fresh modern styling with a touch of tradition. The couple were filled with gratitude that day — for so many things, including their experience with Godavari.

“We were absolutely thrilled with what Jane and the team at Godavari Diamonds were able to do for us,” says Mike. “Heidi’s bespoke replica of her grandmother’s engagement ring went well beyond our expectations. Heidi’s matched wedding ring and my wedding band also look amazing,” he says.

But, as it should be, it’s the engagement ring that’s the true star of this stylish Godavari trio. “It is stunningly beautiful,” says Mike. “We love it.”

Discover the mesmerizing world of Godavari, where beauty and craftsmanship intertwine.

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