Drawing inspiration from the ancient Greeks, known for their sophisticated sculpture and architecture – and their mythical gods and goddesses.

Zoë & Morgan seek to manifest and signify love and celebrate all of its cosmic connections. Their new Harmony of Spheres collection embraces unity and elevates the bonds of love at a time when we all need to come together with empathy and kindness.

The unique textures found throughout the collection evoke the energy that radiates from the sun in their Helios pieces, and the spiritual rebuilding of a waxing moon with the first light of day in their Eos designs. The Calypso pieces allude to the rippled texture of waves approaching the shore, and freshwater pearls bring further connection to the ocean.

The Clio Necklace delicately adorns your neck, she is a fine hand-crafted necklace that gives movement and flow to the wearer. Clio means to celebrate in Greek, she will be your perfect gift to yourself or others as a means to celebrate.

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Clio was made to layer with Zoe & Morgan pendants like the Helios Necklace or wear alone as a finishing touch to your outfit. The beautifully textured Helios pendant radiates from the central stone outwards like the sun.

The Gaia necklace is set with a beautiful green amethyst and rests delicately on your décolletage. Green Amethyst is said to strengthen peace and bring calmness to its wearer.

In ancient Greece, philosopher Pythagoras believed that the movement of the celestial bodies; the Sun, Moon and planets created musical melodies. While these musical sounds weren’t audible to the ear, this Harmony of Spheres was believed to be heard by the soul.

Eos is the goddess of dawn. This beautiful time in the morning is when we see the first light of day. The delicate stone in the centre of the Eos pendant signifies the sun rising, with the texture inspired by the night sky melting into the soft hues of the morning.

The pendant on the Nyx Earrings is shaped like the waning crescent of the moon, a waning moon is also known as a time for spiritual rebuilding. This phase happens before the new moon and is a time that brings an abundance of new opportunities and optimism as the moon cycle ends.

Captivated by the Greek gods and their relationship to the natural elements, Zoë & Morgan hope that the wearer is inspired with a sense of their power, beauty and kudos.

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