Illuminating Face and Body Oil by Emma Lewisham

More than just a beautiful bronzed shimmer, Emma Lewisham’s Illuminating Face and Body Oil is a must-have for those wanting ultra-hydrated, glowing smooth skin this summer.

Emma Lewisham has been leading the way in the beauty industry, setting new benchmarks when it comes to ownership, transparency and sustainability, so it’s no surprise that her first body product, Illuminating Face and Body Oil, is nothing short of exceptional.

“I wanted to bring to market a truly innovative ultra-luxurious oil that delivers more skin health results than just a beautiful glow.” Says founder Emma Lewisham.

Not only does the oil deliver unparalleled hydration and moisturising skin health benefits, but it also offers antioxidant protection while granular minerals simultaneously wrap the skin for a sun-kissed glow.

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This limited edition Illuminating Face and Body Oil has arrived just in time for the gifting season. We love the packaging and design, Emma Lewisham collaborated with eminent Sydney based artist, Gabrielle Penfold, to capture the essence of summer, which it does! Anyone who opens it will be eager to get out in the sunshine and show some skin.

Nothing boosts your confidence like a summer bronzed glow, so we love that this product is peppered with minerals that glisten on the skin’s surface for an instant bronzing shimmer. It really is a decadent, ultra-luxurious treatment for your entire body!

Unlike other cosmetic oils on the market, this complex utilises proprietary technology which has allowed Emma Lewisham to create an oil formulation that incorporates HA, which is typically oil insoluble, for superior hydration benefits once applied.

Illuminating Face and Body Oil is best applied on damp, clean skin. Shake the bottle, then massage the elixir in circular motions across your entire body for instant absorption. Apply your appropriate daily SPF after the Body Oil.

Just like all of Emma Lewisham’s other products the Illuminating Face and Body Oil is circular-designed. Once this limited edition oil is used, customers can send back their empty vessels for sterilisation and refilling or recycling at no expense through the Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle.

The Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle is a sustainability program that allows customers to refill and complimentary recycle their Emma Lewisham products to reduce their carbon emissions.

Recently Emma Lewisham was officially recognised as the world’s first carbon-positive beauty brand and also the world’s first 100% circular-designed product range.

Read More: A world-first for Emma Lewisham, leading the way

Emma Lewisham’s limited edition Illuminating Face and Body Oil is available at select Emma Lewisham stockists across Australasia and globally online