Isadia x Humphrey Tait Collaboration

Isadia x Humphrey Tait’s Ikebana Kit is a ceramic collaboration that celebrates the beauty of delicate floral design.

Local creative floral studio, Isadia has joined forces with Auckland ceramicist, Humphrey Tait to create a vase to inspire informal ikebana style arranging at home.

The vase design is low profile, ideal for table arrangements, and the footed shape features a weighty base (great for counterbalancing heavier blooms) with enough space for a large kenzan, an indispensable tool in ikebana. Each vase is made of mid-fired stoneware clay and wheel-thrown, making them all slightly unique in shape and finished with a matte, speckled glaze to mimic the appearance of unglazed ceramic.

The limited edition handmade vases are available from Isadia as part of an ikebana set, which also includes a medium kenzan and floral tack.

While primarily known for functional tableware, for the last year, Humphrey has been creating a range of vases exclusively for Isadia, he says this latest collaboration is to create something unique for the florist and says the choice of matte glaze was to ensure the focus was on the flowers.

“This collaboration motivated me to try new forms – still functional forms – but ones that become decorative when combined with fresh flowers and the skill of the florist.

“We had several conversations about the types of vessels that would suit Isadia but weren’t available here in New Zealand. I took that as a challenge and started trying to fill that gap for them. We chose this glaze because it complements Isadia’s naturalistic style. It feels earthy and grounded.”

The art of ikebana-inspired arrangements is a celebration of natural and minimal forms. For floral choice, Isadia founders Lydia and Isabel, say they are guided by the seasons but suggest starting with soft-stemmed flowers when starting out with ikebana style arranging.

“Flowers such as tulips, sweet peas and gloriosa lilies are a favourite as they are easy to place into the kenzan and are often more lightweight, so you have more freedom when creating movement within the arrangements. In saying that – we use a huge variety of flowers depending on the seasons.”

The vase is available exclusively through as part of an ikebana set.

For more, or to get in touch with Isadia, visit their website HERE or Instagram HERE.