We did hit it off but instantly became the best of friends up until the sweet age of seventeen where both we as well as the rest of our friends and family started to realise it was rather a unique “friendship”. We tried, we tested and we’ve never looked back since!

Tell us a little about yourselves, what you do, what you love…
I’m Jade! I’ve been in TV Production, producing TV adverts up until I got married when I finally took the plunge and moved industries (something I’ve wanted to do for a long time!) and I’m now working for my lovely wedding photographer as a Studio Assistant doing all things social, albums, submissions etc! I’m loving my new role! My husband Ben works in property development and has done for XXX years now! We both love anything food related! Going out to eat or cooking up a storm – count us in!

How/where/when did you meet – and what were your first impressions?
We met when we were 12 years old on holiday in Miami! We had mutual family friends who introduced us and did tell me prior to Ben’s arrival that I was likely to fancy him! We did hit it off but instantly became the best of friends up until the sweet age of seventeen where both we as well as the rest of our friends and family started to realise it was rather a unique “friendship”. We tried, we tested and we’ve never looked back since!

Was there a proposal? Tell us a little about it…
Yes! It was during lockdown so nothing was open! He took me for a walk just before my birthday in Battersea Park, which turned out to be a very long walk! Nearly 2 hours later once it became a little darker we came across a bandstand covered in fairy lights, full of flowers and our memories in photo frames with a guitarist singing my favourite song “L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole”. I realised what was happening and finally after 11 years he got down on one knee, asked me to marry him and passed me a letter he wrote (as he knew he’d forget everything he wanted to say in the moment!) I was so glad I had this letter to keep for the memories too! I face-timed our family to break the news and out they popped from behind the bushes! It was a moment I’ll never forget!

Tell us about the vision you had for the mood or style of your wedding…
We always knew we’d love to have an abroad wedding and South of France worked perfectly for us! I have gone on many family holidays there over the years and before we were even engaged we said we’d absolutely love to have our wedding there! It’s a reasonable flight time too which was an important factor when asking people to travel for us.

What was one element you were happy to splurge on?
The band! The band is such a crucial part of anyone’s wedding day in my opinion. They bring the whole vibe and an important part to us was asking the band to interact with everyone on the dance floor and also around the tables during dinner to keep the party going during food! Although I don’t think many people actually ended up sitting down to eat as they created such an amazing party from start to finish! It was dancing and singing to your heart’s content the whole way through! It was worth the splurge!

Did anything happen on your wedding day that you laugh about in hindsight (even if it was stressful at the time)?
My dad who barely drinks got pretty drunk very early on! He was clearly trying to hide his speech nerves but he was so drunk he ended up missing out an entire page from his speech by mistake! When he realised, he did come back up to read the remaining page! He cringes at himself now but we do all laugh it off – it’s funny to watch back at least!

Tell us about your main outfits, what was unique, is there a story?
I spotted a wedding dress on my explore page whilst scrolling on Instagram and I instantly thought that is me all over! I called the designer, booked an appointment and then asked whereabouts in London they were based. Little did I know they were actually based in a small village in Manchester, XXX. Oh dear I thought.. not sure how appealing many trips to Manchester sounded. After discussing with my mum, we agreed we thought it’d be worth it! After six unsuccessful wedding dress shops in London, Emma Beaumont Atelier in XXX was our last stop and it was absolutely worth every train journey! The experience was amazing from start to finish and I loved how bespoke and personal it all felt.

Ben knew from the get go he’d be going to Thom Sweeney for his suit. He got recommended by close friends to go there and he had such a great experience too.

Ceremony + Reception Location: Chateau Saint Jeannet / Photographer: Divine Day Photography, @divinedayphotography / Videographer: Reel Love Films, @reellovefilms / Entertainment: Gatsby Band, @gatsbyband / Planner: GSP Events Ltd, @gspltd / Hire: Velvet Living, @velvetliving / Marquee: Cover Events, @cover.events / Flora: Maud Creation Florale, @maud.creation.florale / Catering + Beverages: Potel et Chabot, @poteletchabot / Stationery: Bigday Designs, @bigdaydesigns_ / Registry: We used The Wedding Shop / Bride’s Hair: @kymmullem / Makeup: Natasha de Cazalet, @natasha.de.cazalet / Dress: Emma Beaumont, @emma_beaumont_atelier / Shoes: Loeffler Randall, @loefflerrandall / Earrings: Chanel, @chanelofficial / Groom’s Suit: Thom Sweeney, @thom_sweeney / Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Free People, @freepeople / Bridesmaids’ Hair: @hairby_chloe.nicole; @kymmullem / Bridesmaids’ Makeup: @vera.maquillage