Let’s Celebrate Love, Together. 2021 Wedding Photography Summit

Florist, event planner, celebrant, or photographer, whichever wedding vendor you are, we all come together to celebrate love and new beginnings. Sharing the honour of bringing our couples’ creative visions to life, there’s a beauty in being part of someone’s day as they recite their teary vows and blissfully dance the night away with their closest. The space we live and breathe in is truly magical.

Now more than ever, as we regain momentum after the global pandemic, we should be finding more ways to innovate, collaborate and uplift each other. The ‘community over competition’ hashtag is more than just a catchy, throwaway phrase for small creative businesses and solopreneurs, it’s a movement that we should all get on board with.

If you’re booked out, proactively refer your couples to another business that may be a good fit. If your business has been quiet or you’ve been struggling to escape a creative rut, reach out to other like-minded creatives and organise a mutually beneficial collaboration. If you’ve identified a gap in the market, consider becoming an educator for others who are just starting out. There is an endless scope for us to learn, grow and kick goals together. Adopt a giver mindset – give and the universe will give back – and be grateful for opportunities that come your way. 

This year’s ‘Wedding Photography Summit’ is taking place on the 25th and 26th of May (PDT) and despite its namesake, it isn’t just for wedding photographers. An annual event, the virtual summit caters to photographers and videographers across all niches, as well as visual creatives, with an epic speaker lineup of 12 industry experts who are ready to challenge your mindset and equip you with strategic know-how. The game-changing summit was first introduced last year, attracting over 8000 attendees from all over the world.

Empowering you to take your business further than ever before, you’ll hear from the likes of marketing phenomenon Gary Vee, celebrity wedding photographer Jose Villa and global business coach Jai Long, just to name a few. You’ll be getting into a room with the best of the best, engaging in real talk and joining an international community of ambitious creatives – inspiration and motivation galore!

Though the wedding industry may seem crowded as it is, it’s important to remember that you’re your only competition. No one else is. No one else is you. They haven’t lived your story, they don’t share your energy and they can’t replicate your authenticity – and even if they do, use it as a driver to burn brighter. Rather than getting disheartened by copycats or allowing self-limiting beliefs to hold you back, focus on your ‘why’ and finessing your craft for your clients, they deserve it. Level up yourself and your business, your lofty goals are waiting to be accomplished.

Riding the highs and learning from the lows, you don’t have to journey alone. There will always be enough business and customers to go around – there’s room for everyone to shine. As a community that revolves around love, let’s build trusting relationships and be kinder to one another. Together, we’re stronger.

Join us at our global, two-day Wedding Photography Summit from 25th to 26th May 2021 (PDT). 

General admission ‘live only’ tickets are $7 USD and VIP tickets with 12-month replays are $47 USD. Purchase your tickets here

Tune in for the LIVE launch in your local timezone:

  • 25th May 10.00 am (PDT)
  • 26th May 5.00 am (NZST)
  • 26th May 3.00 am (AEST)

Together Journal is a proud sponsor of the  ‘Wedding Photography Summit’ – every attendee will receive access to a complimentary Together Journal Style Edit upon signing up.

You can take a little look at last years summit in the video below and scroll further to meet this years speakers