In a world of mass-production, the desire for authentic, one-off, vintage treasures continues to rise. Love and Object cater to those who are in search of rarity, quality, and timeless beauty in their wardrobe pieces as well as gorgeous items for the home.

In their new and ever-expanding collection, Love and Object houses floral collaborations, limited edition artworks, and uncommon yet stunning gifts. Celebrating their partnership with local florist Hannah Low of Grace and Flora, they are now offering a limited-edition collection of everlasting dried floral arrangements in stunning, rare vintage vases – the ultimate gift for any special occasion or for oneself.

These beautiful creations are hand-made with passion and creativity, with their soft hues and a myriad of texture, they are an absolute delight to gaze upon, elevating any space.

We love that these designs are one of a kind, ensuring that whatever you select, it is truly your own with no other replicas. These thoughtful creations are made to outlive throwaway items, destined to remain desirable and will continue to be loved for years to come.  

Visit their website or Instagram for more details on unique pieces.

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