Maddie + George by Emily Rose Hamilton

George and I are currently living in South London after a four year stint in Sydney. However, being unable to sit still for too long, we are in the process of planning a move to Southern California. George works in the accelerator space, building technology for individuals living with disability, and I work in international public relations. As you can tell by our change of ongoing change of continents to call home, we love living in new places and experiencing new ways of life.

How/where/when did you meet – and what were your first impressions?

We were both at University together, and George saw me in the library and sent me a Facebook message, asking me out for a drink. We hit it off right away, and fell madly in love. However, after about a year of dating, we split up and went our separate ways. Quite quickly, we both realised this was a mistake, but being two very stubborn people, we didn’t admit that to one another for a whole four years…

During this time, I had moved to Sydney, and after about four months of being there, I got a message from George, and the rest is history. Navigating time zones, and the “your drunk whilst I’m sober” conversations was a challenge, but after a two-week visit to Sydney, George and I fell back in love. During his layover on the flight home to London, George wrote his resignation, and six weeks later he was back in Sydney for good.

When did you first realise that this was someone you’d like to spend the rest of your life with?

Maddie – For me, I had to lose George to know that. The fact that everyday for four years I thought about him the moment I woke up, I knew that I would move mountains to get him back.

George – Break-ups are something that I’m sure a lot of people are familiar with. Mostly it’s heartache for a matter of weeks and months but over time you manage to realise that things are ok and that you can move on. When Maddie and I went our separate ways things were different. The longing to see Maddie, the want to share silly little life updates and the feeling of emptiness that came with the distance, never went away. In 2018 when I reached out on Instagram I was expecting to be met with, “I’m now in a serious relationship” or “it’s not meant to be” until I realised that the feelings I felt had for four years in fact were reciprocal. The hours, days and weeks that followed catching one another up on this void of time was magical and cemented the desire to do all it would take to be in the same city, same flat and same life again.

Was there a proposal? Tell us a little about it…

Yes there was on the 26th of December 2020. We were over in Tasmania for a two week holiday. On Boxing Day George said he had a surprise for me. We drove just over an hour north of Falmouth to dusty track which went on and on before arriving at the surprise, a nights stay at The Keep. I thought this was the surprise but after unpacking bags we went for a walk around the grounds and George proposed just below the stunning property looking over the Tasmanian forests where you could see all the way to the ocean.

Tell us about the vision you had for the mood or style of your wedding…

We wanted to get married somewhere that transported you to a different world and that was Euridge. The Tudor history of the house, renovated with Tuscan architecture in mind, and views of the rolling British countryside from every angle, just meant that you were in your own world there. Whilst the thread running through the wedding was very much old-fashioned England summer, it was entwined with elements and inspirations from every aspect in our lives together, in particular, our life together in Sydney. Most of all, we wanted it to be completely unique to us, which we believe came through in our bespoke outfits, music choices, sustainable catering and wines that all had a story.  

Tell us about your main outfits, what was unique, is there a story?

Maddie  – I always knew I wanted some ‘sleeve drama’ and before moving back to London, I tried on dresses by a couple of local Australian designers but hadn’t  found quite the right one. I ended up drawing what I was looking for, and emailed Emma Beaumont in England to ask if she would be able to make it.

The answer is in the result – Emma Beaumont is an incredibly talented woman. The cuffs on the sleeves were inspired by my Nanna’s wedding dress, whilst the change into long gloves, were a nod to the 1920s fashion I had always loved. Sadly, my grandparents have passed away, all of whom I loved very much, and so, to have them there with me, I had their initials stitched in blue thread on my left hand.

George – We knew we wanted to do a strictly black tie wedding but with everyone uniform in the same outfit how could the groom be different. In the hierarchy of attire the outfit that can’t be superseded is the white tie and therefore it felt fitting on my wedding day to be the best dressed man. I had spent hours trying to find the best tailor in London and was finding that the majority of places were very old school, until I found Cad & The Dandy.

As soon as I entered their store on Saville Row I felt right at home with their modern take on tradition menswear. My tailor Harry was fantastic and the attention to detail in the creation of my white tie was fantastic. They produced a bespoke pair of trousers, starch fronted dress shirt, ivory silk waistcoat, ivory silk bowtie, ivory silk handkerchief and black tie jacket which I hope I will have the pleasure of wearing to another event soon. Antique jewellery is something we are both fond of and it felt wrong to. Pair this beautiful traditional outfit with modern jewellery. I spent many hours searching for the dress shirt stud set and finally found the perfect Art Deco Krementz Gold Filled Mother of Pearl Tuxedo Stud Set with Matching Cufflinks & Vest Studs. Topped off with a pair of  Joseph Cheaney & Sons – Wholecut Oxfords.

VENUE: Euridge, @euridge_ / PHOTOGRAPHER: Emily Rose Hamilton, @emilyrosehamilton / VIDEOGRAPHER: Tyne Gate Films, @tynegate_films / FLORA: Clementine Moon, @clementinemoon_floraldesign / CAKE, CATERING & BEVERAGES: Queen and Whippet, @queenandwhippet / GOWN: Emma Beaumont, @emma_beaumont_atelier / SUIT: Cad and the Dandy, @cadandthedandy / WEDDING RING: Rings with Grace, @ringswithgrace / ENGAGEMENT RING: Natalie Marrie Jewellery, @nataliemarriejewellery / SHOES: Joseph Cheaney & Sons / MAKEUP: Stacey Lacey, @staceylaceymua / HAIR: Michael Gray Hair, @michaelgrayhair / GROOMSMEN ATTIRE: Oliver Brown / ENTERTAINMENT: Like it Live Music

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