New Wave by Kyha Studios

KYHA Studios launches its much-anticipated collection, New Wave, under its ready-to-wear label, Chosen by KYHA.

Reflecting the pure energy, organic movement and dramatic force of the ocean’s waves, New Wave speaks to the fluidity and escapism of the ocean. This can be seen most strikingly through the 18-piece collection’s wave-like, azure-accented palette and aqueous, effortless draping.

KYHA Studios’ newest collection includes various bold and fashion-forward pieces that will surely be perfect for the modern day bride who is looking to go for a more non-traditional yet showstopping look.

Staying true to its theme, the sunkissed gold beading evokes sundrenched shorelines, whilst the luminescence of the collection’s luxe duchess satin fabrication reflects the freshness of water.

Founder and Creative Director of KYHA Studios, Kyha Scott, said that the new collection was not just a story of the sea: “New Wave is a study in rebellion against the ordinary. We developed innovative beading and new silhouettes that blur the lines between structure and fluidity to make this special collection one which breaks new ground.”

After its launch on October 4, New Wave will be available on Thursday 6 October 2022 at KYHA Studios Melbourne, Sydney and New York studios and online at their website HERE.

Visit Kyha Studios’ website HERE or Instagram HERE.