Nick Von K Launches New ‘The Blossom Collection’ in Diamond and Pounamu

Nick Von K introduces The Blossom Collection – a celebration of spring that marries together stunning Diamond and Pounamu.

Renowned New Zealand jewellery designer Nick Von K, who is best known for his statement rock n’ roll style pieces, has enjoyed an inspired change of direction during the pandemic. His latest collection in this new ‘re-imagined’ direction, which is his first entire collection in gemstones and gold, introduces new designs that represent a more refined, celebration style of pieces.

“For the last year or two, I have been playing around with beautiful high-quality gemstones and gold, and in particular with combining diamonds and Pounamu together in gold rings. I found people really loved what I was doing and so I was inspired to design the ‘Blossom Ring’, and then I loved it so much I decided to design an entire collection around the idea. I just think that perhaps these two stones are New Zealand’s favourite two gemstones, and that they haven’t really been explored much together until now, which makes the collection really special” explains Nick.

The Blossom Collection is a stunning exploration of diamond and New Zealand Pounamu which Nick sources from Hokitika. The diamonds represent the white spring blossoms next to the Pounamu’s fresh green leaves. “It’s white blossoms in spring! It’s that time of the year when your spirit lifts as winter is finally over and all around us blossoms pop up as little signposts of spring” explains Nick. “It always fills me with the promise of summer; warm weather, happiness, fun and laughter, spring blossom is always a time for celebration and that’s what this collection encapsulates, celebration and new beginnings”.

There are eight pieces in The Blossom Collection, six in gold and two in sterling silver. Nick’s new custom made, bespoke designs have found a welcome new market and he’s grown extremely passionate about designing fine jewellery pieces. “My passion these days is exploring the world of gold jewellery and precious stones. Working with sapphires and diamonds and creating custom wedding and engagement rings that will last a lifetime is incredibly special. People come to me when they’re looking for something a little bit different to the norm, and I thoroughly enjoy creating one of a kind, unique pieces that tell a personal story”.

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