NZFW: Kowtow presents Single-Use Planet

kowtow new zealand fashion week single-use planet

Kowtow will host Single-Use Planet during New Zealand Fashion Week: a conversation with three of the country’s most innovative fashion and beauty creatives.

Gosia Piatek, founder of Kowtow, will be joined by skincare entrepreneur Emma Lewisham and Deadly Ponies creative director Liam Bowden to talk all things sustainability.

The event aims to inspire industry leaders and consumers alike to forge their own unique path towards a more sustainable future. From packaging to green science, Single-Use Planet will celebrate the positive impact that has already rippled through New Zealand’s fashion and beauty industry.  

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“Sustainability can’t be your company’s tagline anymore, or a sub-heading under the odd product. Customers expect sustainability to be genuine and present in whatever they touch,” says Gosia. 

“Kowtow started 15 years ago with sustainability in its DNA. For us it’s not about playing catch-up, it’s about coming together with other trailblazing entrepreneurs and brands to shape and empower our industries towards innovation and meaningful change.”

Single-Use Planet is here to help New Zealand’s designers, innovators and consumers to move past wishful thinking around sustainability and propel the industry to act.

Kowtow couldn’t have chosen better allies either. Deadly Ponies is well on its way to becoming the world’s most responsible accessories label. While at university, Bowden would use local tannery offcuts to bring his designs to life. Boutique manufacturing and ethical sourcing still lies at the heart of Deadly Ponies decades later as the team work tirelessly to handcraft each carefully considered piece.

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Over in the beauty sphere, Emma Lewisham continues to make waves in the industry. The now-cult label sits on bathroom shelves around the world courtesy of its ability to successfully target common skincare concerns, such as hyperpigmentation and skin brightening, without sacrificing the world around us. Each formula is all-natural and Emma Lewisham is a fine example of how to run a circular and carbon-positive business model.

Single-Use Planet will be hosted by radio host and podcast producer, Noelle McCarthy, and will take place on August 24 at 4.30pm. Visit the official New Zealand Fashion Week website or follow @nzfashionwk on Instagram to stay up to date.

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