NZ Fashion Week 2023: Kathryn Wilson

Kathryn Wilson’s electrifying runway show lit up New Zealand Fashion Week 2023 while also celebrating 20 years in business.

Kathryn Wilson has an innate ability to transform a fashion show into a full-fledged celebration.
During the second night of NZFW 2023, the venue, packed to the brim, pulsed with a sense of contagious excitement. Kathryn has an uncanny knack for tapping into the collective spirit of the audience and channeling it into a whirlwind of enjoyment.

The runway collection wasn’t the only reason to celebrate, Kathryn Wilson also marked a remarkable 20 years in business. Two decades of innovation and style have firmly established Kathryn Wilson as a true icon in the fashion industry.

The runway came alive with an extraordinary array of footwear that captured the essence of Kathryn Wilson‘s design prowess. From eye-catching metallics to bold colors that ground a look, the SS23 pieces exemplify Kathryn Wilson’s innovative approach to footwear design.

The models graced the runway adorned in the captivating creations of the Only Lovers Label, sporting bouncy, brightly colored dresses adorned with tiers and ruffles, infusing the overall aesthetic with a playful and vibrant ambiance. This runway show also marked the New Zealand debut of the Only Lovers Label.

The synergy between Kathryn Wilson‘s footwear designs and the vivacious ensembles from the Only Lovers Label created a harmonious fusion of fashion artistry. The models’ confident strides and the dynamic interplay of colors and textures showcased the seamless union of both brands’ creative visions.

Amplifying the evening’s enthusiasm, the models themselves seemed to be having an absolute blast, high-fiving and dancing their way down the runway. Their infectious energy and genuine enjoyment not only reflected the vibrant spirit of the collection but also engaged the audience in an interactive and joyful experience.

Kathryn creates a playground where fashion and fun intertwine, leaving all attendees with a buoyant spirit and a sense of joy that lingers long after the show has ended. Explore the runway collection at Kathryn Wilson or see more on instagram @kwfootwear

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