Objects of Desire Issue #32

Issue 32's Objects of Desire features a selection of exquisite jewellery to enhance your celebration looks.

Spotlighting the exquisite jewellery featured in Issue 32’s Objects of Desire editorial section, Together Journal once again presents a selection of must-have items to enhance your celebration looks.

ABOVE: 01 Mixed diamond rings by Grew & Co 02 My Happy Hearts collection from Partridge Jewellers 03 Imogen earrings by Amélie George 04 Diamond and gold bangle by Louise Jean 05 Alto diamond ring by Black Finch 06 Divas’ Dream necklace by Bulgari

In our latest issue, we have carefully chosen a number of jewellery pieces from our favourite brands and designers that are sure to captivate and inspire you.

ABOVE: 07 Diamond ring from Partridge Jewellers 08 Diamond earrings from Partridge Jewellers 09 Diamond and gold rings by Louise Jean 10 Kim earrings by Amélie George 11 Relic V Necklace by Temple of the Sun 12 Pearl necklace by By Heart

ABOVE: 13 Leah earrings by Amélie George 14 Diamond baguette ring by Guys Gold 15 Aquamarine ring from Partridge Jewellers 16 Diamond ring by McClurgs 17 Diamond wedding set by Grew & Co 18 Dahlia ring by Figursky Jewellery 19 Diamond and sapphire ring by Grew & Co

ABOVE: 20 Happy Hearts bracelet from Partridge Jewellers 21 Nova earrings by Amélie George 22 Yellow and white diamond ring from Partridge Jewellers 23 Diamond and sapphire ring by Grew & Co 24 Wedding set by McClurgs

ABOVE: 25 East West diamond ring by McClurgs 26 Cassidy earrings by Amélie George 27 Girl with a Pearl necklace and earrings by Karen Walker 28 Letter oval signet by Guys Gold 29 Ring by McClurgs 30 Allegra necklace by Bulgari 31 Girl with a Pearl bracelets by Karen Walker 32 Miniaturist earrings by Karen Walker 33 Mixed wedding rings by Good Gold

ABOVE: 34 One of a Kind 452 ring Zoe & Morgan 35 Wedding ring by Good Gold 36 Asteria ring by Temple of the Sun 37 Ava engagement ring by Zoe & Morgan 38 Clipped corner eternity diamond band by Filigree

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