Petal Collection by Zoë & Morgan 

Explore the ‘Petal’ collection by Zoë & Morgan, a tribute to the intricate patterns and shapes of flowers and petals that have conveyed messages and emotions throughout history.

Each piece in this elegant and unique collection celebrates the beauty and strength of nature. Flowers have a rich history of communicating emotions and messages, each with its unique significance and tale.

Above: 01 Lily Earrings 02 Petal Earrings 03 Rosa Earrings, Poppy Necklace 04 Hyacinth Earrings 05 Blossom Earrings

The Petal Collection celebrates the captivating feature of flowers – their petals – through elegant and distinctive pieces. Petals are naturally crafted to safeguard the flower’s most delicate parts while enticing pollinators. This collection mirrors this concept by providing the wearer with both beauty and resilience.

Above: 06 Lily Earrings 07 Blossom Earrings 08 Rosa Earrings 09 Rosa Earrings 10 Rosa Earrings, Azalea Necklace

From the Rosa Earrings’ intricate design to the Azalea Necklace’s fluid curves, every piece features sweet and delicate details inspired by floral designs that celebrate the beauty of nature in its simplest form.

Above: 11 Violet Necklace 12 Azalea Necklace, Poppy Necklace & Violet Necklace 13 Zinnia Earrings 14 Blossom Earrings

The collection features a mix of White Zircon, Apatite, Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, and Chrome Diopside. The Apatite stone, a new addition with its soft green color, is known for its ability to promote communication, creativity, and intellect, making it a stone of manifestation and actualization of goals.

Above: 15 Hyacinth Necklace 16 Lily Earrings 17 Azalea Necklace 18 Rosa Earrings, Poppy Necklace 19 Petal Necklace

Reintroducing new cuts of Rose Quartz and Aquamarine stones elevates and brings freshness to contemporary pieces, both of which have uplifting energetic properties that bring gentle, soothing energy to their wearer.

Above: 20 Poppy Bracelet 21 Rosa Earrings 22 Petal Necklace 23 Rosa Earrings, Hyacinth Necklace 24 Petal Necklace

Experience the soft pastel tones of a beautiful bouquet with Petal and let it be a symbol of our connection to nature and the natural world.

Above: 25 Hyacinth Necklace 26 Althea Earrings 27 Azalea Necklace, Poppy Necklace 28 Rosa Earrings 29 Fleur Earrings

Elevate your jewellery game with the beauty of nature’s delicate creations. Explore Zoe & Morgan’s other stunning collections here Zoë & Morgan and on Instagram.