Pink Lake Elopement

Pink Lake Elopement

Drawing inspiration from the surreal pink lake of Utah, this elopement session is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

This editorial aimed to break the status quo with its stylistic choices, driven by the stylist’s determination to craft an unforgettable experience. This was certainly made possible by playing on the dreamlike tones of the pink lake in Utah.

For instance, one of the standout elements in this shoot that added to the tonal aesthetic is the tablescape. Adorned with beautiful food styling and details, it was something you simply can’t help but be mesmerized by! Truly, even the photographer involved in this shoot can spend all day talking about her favorite parts.

The outfits were also specifically picked out to not only make the couple stand out and look stunning but to make this a tonal-centered elopement once again. With the beautiful pink lake as the backdrop, this masterful strike certainly gave all the right vibes and wove seamlessly into the stylist’s desired aesthetic.

Moreover, the photographer explained that a lot of the content they have been shooting lately has been focused on trying to highlight the fact that sometimes breaking tradition can be beautiful. Whether it’s bringing color in, not wearing your typical wedding dress or eloping, they believe those things can be just as magical and special when they reflect who you are.

This editorial, like the elopement itself, transports us to a world where the boundaries of tradition fade, and the beauty of individuality takes center stage.

ART DIRECTOR & STYLIST Stay Co. (Erica Kopp), @stay__co / LEAD CREATIVE DIRECTOR & PLANNER Cara Mia, @caramia / PHOTOGRAPHER Crtvduo (Camden & Hailey), @crtvduo / MODELS + AGENT Jade Hamachai, @jadehamachai; Blair Jones, @blairmjones / FLORAL Brides Bouquet / FOOD CREDITS Aubrie Cornelius, @theblonde_chef / TABLEWARE (PLACE CARDS) Anna Dansie Black, / JEWELRY J Brooks Jewelers, @jbrooksjewelers