Q&A with Teresa of Muse Photography

Teresa Brincat is committed to telling authentic stories that are both honest and refined. Learn more about the face behind Muse Photography.

Since the beginning of Muse Photography in 2013, Teresa Brincat has developed a method of capturing moments in a unique way. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things photography, specialising in both wedding and lifestyle photography has helped her develop the ability to capture stories that are tailored to each client.

Tell us a little about you, your style of photography and what makes you different? 

My love of poetry, cinema, and travel have combined into storytelling that evokes feeling, intimacy, and adventure. Over the last eight years, Muse has grown and nurtured its unique connection to people, places, and stories. I’m is committed to telling authentic stories that are both honest and refined.

I am a storyteller, a romance weaver, and a light chaser. I preserve moments with a tailored approach, for no two stories are the same. I encourage intimacy and uncover hidden feelings. I love how what is captured can then be unwrapped, opened, and shared with those closest to us.

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What do you think the first steps should be for couples when choosing a wedding photographer? Feel a connection and have their feelings awoken. Start a dialogue and get to know each other. 

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Is there any way that couples can prepare when it comes to wedding photography?

A pre-wedding portrait session is a smart way to catch up to discuss the finer details, develop timelines and of course, get comfortable with each other. I use these sessions as a way to get to know the story behind the couple – who are they?

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How much time do you think couples should allow on their wedding day for photography? And how long should couples expect to wait to receive their wedding day imagery?

I would encourage a full day coverage, so around eight to ten hours. If you organise your day to enjoy each other, your guests, and make time for some beautiful portraits, there will be lots of special moments happening organically.

You can expect anywhere from three-four months to receive your full gallery back. Each image is developed and handcrafted with lots of love. 

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Any other advice for soon-to-be-married couples for photography or anything else? 

Allow yourself enough time during the day to really revel in the joy. Make moments count, be present and trust your vendors. 

Muse Photography by Teresa is an East Coast-based photography studio available for projects throughout Australia and New Zealand. Learn more at Muse Photography.

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