Siempre Aroha by Zoe & Morgan

Discover our top choices from Zoe & Morgan‘s latest collection, Siempre Aroha.

This heartfelt collection carries profound emotions, dedicated to the memory of the siblings’ late mother, Anna and the way she lived her life, full of love and open to to all of life’s joy.

This collection embodies the essence of love—its pursuit, recognition, celebration, and the way it guides our lives.

Together Journal believes this collection is an ideal option to consider for your wedding attire or as a meaningful gift for those who play a special role in your big day. What could be more fitting than a collection that wholeheartedly celebrates the power of love?”

The full story of the collection is upon the pages of issue #33 and will be live on our website soon. But in the meantime, here is our curated collection for wedding gifting.

Above: Mi Amor Earrings

A trio of sweetness that flows to a beautiful exaggerated heart shape – Mi Amor is a carefree and light earring that sparkles with movement and dance.

Above: Brave Heart Necklace

At the centre of our Brave Heart necklace features an eight-pointed star which is said to represent purity, strength and protection.

Above: Shining Heart Earrings

Shining Heart is a statement earring that features contrasting textures, this is reminiscent of one’s journey with love and its emotions.

Above: Brave Heart Earrings

The heart is a powerful and universal representation of love and emotion. At the centre of our Brave Heart earrings features an eight-pointed star which is said to represent purity, strength and protection.

Above: Sunshine Earrings

Sunshine after the rain – these statement earrings feature an exaggerated teardrop that flows playfully from our Helios pendant.

Above: Siempre Ring

Minimal and structured, the Siempre Band is a classic style that speaks to those looking for modern simplicity.

Above: Amor Necklace

Amor is an intricate style heart that sways with a gentle motion as you move.

Above: Amor Earrings

Amor is romantic, feminine, and full of charm. She is a reminder that you can find strength in the quietest place and music in the silence.

Above: Kind Heart Earrings

Kind Heart is a delicate stud with a small stone nestled into the centre. This is a subtle nod to our mantra of leading with love and kindness and to practice every possible tenderness.

Above: Aroha Earrings

Aroha is dedicated to Zoë, Ruth and Morgan’s mum where she cherished seeing her grandson find his feet in his culture – Aroha, love is limitless.

Words from Zoe & Morgan:

“Siempre Aroha is a heartfelt collection dedicated to our Mum, Anna Valerie Sibbald.

It serves as a tribute to her life, her commitment to following her own path, and her constant practice of tenderness in every possible way.”

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