Emma + Simon by Samantha Donaldson

Simon and I are both super hands-on and always looking for ways to exercise our creativity. Simon is a landscaper and has a deep love for the outdoors, paired with a passion for crafting and building.

Caylee + Simon by Hollow & Co

We had a very small and untraditional wedding. To be honest we didn’t know what we wanted so we started by each choosing 2 none negotiables and went from there.

Hope + Nick by Haute Weddings

Nick always has a way of knowing things way before I do. He told me pretty early on that he would marry me – and like most things – he was right.

Kate + Matt by Jess Howzen Photography

It was quite early in the dating game that I knew Matt was someone I could see a long and happy future with. I loved how we both shared an equal passion for Architecture and Sport which is quite rare in our industry. I recall sending Mum & Dad a text telling them I had … Read more

Ann + Lennard by Amanda Thomas Photography

I am absolutely in love with Paris and Lennard and I had just planned our first trip together since Covid to Paris. He knew my dream was to stay in the Shangri-la in Paris with the Eiffel Tower view so he surprised me by booking the most exquisite Prince Bonaparte room and got down on … Read more

Katherine + Jake by Jonny Scott Photo

bride and groom wedding in new zealand

Jake – I had planned a romantic surprise proposal that I guarantee Katherine would have seen coming a mile away… However on Christmas day, we shared a beautiful morning together onboard in the South of France, so I decided the time had come for me to get out the engagement ring that had been burning a … Read more

Amy & Finn by Meg Elizabeth

Finn works in professional sailing, and I work in marketing. We both love getting away and heading outdoors. Whether it be camping, skiing or sailing, as long as the day ends with a big bowl of pasta and a bottle of red, we’re happy. We both love being in the kitchen and entertaining family and … Read more